Studying at Teacher Education College


Study programmes

Vocational teacher education can be completed in the following ways:

  • Part-time studies lasting from one to three academic years depending on the student’s previous experience and a personal study plan; multiform teaching methods will be utilised
  • Full-time studies lasting for one academic year; multiform teaching methods will be utilised

The goals of teacher education are the same in all study programmes and are composed of 60 points.


Working methods

Internationally oriented studies are composed of seminars, learning circles, independent study, practical training and web-based learning.

  • Seminars/”dialogue rooms” are theme-based and last between 2–4 days. They are organised in Jyväskylä.
  • Learning circles/”Reflection/study rooms” are intended to give students an opportunity for groupbased guidance. Optima, the web-based learning environment, is also used for small group work.
  • Practical training is carried out in each student’s own organisation. Those students who are not working already as teachers can complete their teaching practice at any educational organisation. Such students may find teaching practice places from nearby institutions independently, or alternatively teaching practice can be arranged through the Teacher Education College at institutions within the vicinity of Jyväskylä.
  • Online learning/"socialising" is carried out mainly through the Teacher Education College's Optima online learning environment, Office 365 and using online conference and social media tools. This requires the student to have access to the necessary information and communication technology equipment such as a computer with at least Windows xp operating system or Mac and broadband internet connection. USB Headset and web camera is also needed.

Quality Management and opportunities of Influence

The quality of education continues to be a core question in the creation of a competitive, common European Higher Education Area. In order to enable the comparability of the qualifications obtained in different countries it is crucial that the quality of the education is assured. In Europe the higher education institutions are responsible for taking care of their own quality management.

The quality management system employed at JAMK is in line with European and national requirements and it is constantly developed by anticipating changes in the operational environment. JAMK considers the quality management as an essential tool for developing its activities.

Quality management is a shared issue of the entire University of Applied Sciences: it is jointly implemented by the students, personnel, customers and partners. The students have a right to influence and give feedback on the studies and the quality of teaching. As members of the university community the students have also certain rights and duties based on legislation and the Degree Regulations.

Learn More of Quality Management

  • JAMK's Quality – These web pages disclose JAMK's quality management system. Within these pages you can find information on the ways in which JAMK takes care of the quality of its operations.
  • Quality Guide of TEC (pdf)
    Describes the feedback system of Teacher Education College: what are the targets, when the feedback is collected and who processes the feedback and how.

Further Information

Further information on quality management is provided by the quality officer of the TEC or the quality manager of JAMK. Information of the teacher education is provided by the head of department.

Ahlqvist Jaana

Ahlqvist Jaana

Palveluvastaava, Service coordinator
AOKK Hallinto, Administration
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education
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Janatuinen Tero

Janatuinen Tero

Laatupäällikkö, Quality Manager
Koulutuksen kehittämispalvelut, Educational Development Services
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