Welcome to the School of Professional Teacher Education at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Established in 1967, we have repeatedly been the most sought-after professional teacher training institution in Finland. During the past 50 years, we have trained over 10 000 VET teachers, special educational needs teachers, and study counsellors. Furthermore, we have offered teacher education in English since 1994.

The International Professional Teacher Education Studies for the Digital Era equips you with knowledge, skills and competences needed from the educational professionals in 21st century world. You will learn how to facilitate learning processes for different learners while developing your own expertise as well as your working community – all this with a proactive outlook to the future.

Digitalization, globalization, and changes in the landscape of work all around the world set new requirements for not only teachers but also other professionals in the world of work. They are also crosscutting issues across this study programme, and you will learn how to turn these phenomena into an asset in your work as an expert of learning.

joint knowledge creation

Course Descriptions

According to the statute (1129/2014 § 2 and 3) professional teacher education studies need to consist of 60 credits comprising of: basic studies in educational sciences, studies in vocational pedagogy, teaching practice and other studies.

In our professional teacher education programme the studies under the above mentioned statue have been structured as follows:

  • Basics of Educational Sciences (16 cr) consist of two courses that should be completed before the end of December 2020: 
    • Understanding Adult Learning (8 cr) 
    • Education and Society (8 cr)
  • Teacher’s Work Environment (8 cr)
  • Developing Pedagogical Skills and Competences (15 cr)
  • Facilitating Learning (14 cr)
  • Personal Development as a Professional Facilitator of Learning (7 cr)

Enrolment for the Developing Pedagogical Skills and Competences (optional courses) begins on September 28th, 2020 at 8 am through Peppi Student Management System. Enrolment is open until October 9th, 2020. Enrollment is possible for maximum of three (3) optional courses

See the curricula and the course descriptions in Peppi -system

Instructions on how to enroll for the courses can be found here https://oppimateriaalit.jamk.fi/peppi/en/studies/enrollment-for-course-implementations/.

See the Accreditation page for instructions on substitution and inclusion of  studies, and recognition of prior learning.

International Professional Teacher Education Studies for Digital Era  programme emphasises international collaboration and interaction, pedagogical use of digital environments and joint knowledge creation. We will explore and learn together, within the framework of progressive inquiry learning on how current phenomena will have an influence on the teaching profession and education in general.

Scheduling Your Studies

The scheduling of the studies will be based on the personal competence development plans of the students. The length of studies is usually one to two academic years depending on the student’s background and individual plans. The maximum study entitlement is three years and it is in compliance with Act 932/2014 and the Degree Regulations of JAMK University of Applied Sciences. You can study either part-time or full-time.