Looking  back at the very beginning of the facilitating learning course, it never occurred to  me  that I will be capable to plan, execute and video record myself as a facilitator of learning until now. This has made me not to only appreciate my achievements but also, the whole learning process.

This course supports the development of your expertise in facilitating of learning combining theoretical knowledge with practical tools and exercises. We also discuss the importance and formation of teacher’s identity and agency, how to support their development as a facilitator of learning, and the numerous roles of a ‘teacher’. You will gain skills and competences on how to facilitate learning in varying learning environments, e.g. in digital environments and working-life contexts.

During this course, you will plan, implement and assess a number of learning sessions. You will also become familiar with working in different learning environments, and learn how to facilitate learning of different learners in practice.

The course contains authentic facilitation of personalized learning tasks. If you are a beginner as a teacher, your aims could focus on the principles of planning and implementing learning processes as a facilitator of learning. If you already are working as a teacher and facilitation of learning is familiar to you, you should set yourself broader aims e.g. how to facilitate learning in different contexts to get out of your “comfort zone”. If you, according to your own self-assessment, already possess the skills and knowledge of a competent teacher and master the competences set for this course, you can attain the study credits for this course by demonstrating your competence.

In this course, you will also assess and analyse your peer students’ facilitation of learning of, and in return will get feedback from your peers.

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Modes of study Authentic facilitation of learning, peer analysis and self-assessment through digital applications, competence analysis discussion with the teacher educator.