Personal Development as a Vocational Teacher course starts at the very beginning of your studies and lasts throughout your studies.  In this course, you will set yourself objectives related to teacher education and your own professional development, follow the progress of your studies, participate in the discussion of your learning circle and finally evaluate the outcomes of your studies.  Personal Development as a Vocational Teacher course is a part of the Other Studies of the Vocational Teacher Education Studies.  With the learning tasks of this course, you will improve your reflective skills, agency skills and interaction skills.   

You will find the learning assignments of this course in the Optima online learning environment before the orientation days. 


The student will set themselves objectives related to teacher education and develop their professional agency as a teacher, based on their own premises. The student will assess and document their learning process for others and give feedback to other students to support their learning.  The student will assess their competence in relation to their own objectives and those of the teacher education. They will set new objectives for their professional development.    

Learning tasks  

In the beginning of the teacher education, you will use your Personal Learning Plan (PLP) to assess your own premises and orientation for teacher education. With the PLP, you will also plan and assess the progress of your studies in the beginning and throughout your studies. You will also compile a portfolio during your studies. You will collect important experiences and learning outcomes in the portfolio. In addition to the PLP and the portfolio, you will also keep a reflection diary. It is a personal diary, but you can attach ideas and other important things from the diary to your portfolio.   

In addition to the three aforementioned media, one of the learning tasks of this course is participation in the learning circle activities. In this small group of students, you will present your study objectives and your progress to other students. In your learning circle, you will receive peer guidance and feedback related to your studies and you will also act as a peer tutor and give feedback.   

In the final phase of your studies, you will self-assess and summarise your studies and have a final assessment discussion with your trainer. For this discussion, you will collect assessment material based on your portfolio and reflection diary.  

Figure 3. Developing Teacher Identity

Learning process assessment  

In this course, we will promote and evaluate reflection skills, agency skills and interaction skills. The tools for evaluating the learning process are the various self-assessment tasks and the feedback from the peer assessment and the teacher trainer.  

The assessment decision is made by the teacher trainer once all the learning tasks have been completed. The assessment decision is made on a pass/fail scale. The assessment materials consist of the PLP, the portfolio and the learning circle work, as well as the final assessment discussion and the material related to it.