You can develop your pedagogical skills and competences in the direction you want as a part of Teacher Education.  The aim is that you will learn about a subject supporting the objectives of Teacher Education and your own learning objectives and thus expand or deepen your pedagogical competence.  The scope of these studies is a total of 15 ECTS credits. The studies can consist of single courses of at least 15 credits or several courses of at least 5 credits each.   

The Teacher Education College offers many courses, usually worth 5 credits each, out of which you can compile your own studies. You can also suggest that 15 credits’ worth of studies completed in another institution after 1 January 2015 be included in your studies. The suggested studies must be such that their objectives and contents support the objectives of Teacher Education. If you wish to accredit these studies in such a way, send the Accreditation Application (published in August 2017) and a certificate of the studies being accredited to the Study Counsellor of the Teacher Education College.  

You can also accredit these studies through the recognition of prior learning. You can have 5, 10, or 15 credits’ worth of prior competence you have acquired in working life or in another environment accredited. To have your prior competence recognised, you will need to assess, describe and demonstrate your competence according to separate instructions. Your teacher trainer will evaluate your competence and make the decision about the accreditation based on the materials you provide. 

Planning the development of pedagogical competence is a part of the Personal Learning Planning in the beginning of the studies.  The studies offered by the Teacher Education College can be taken any year during your studies. The courses offering changes each academic year.  In 2017–2018, the Teacher Education College will offer the following courses:

In English:

In Finnish:


Enrollment for the above mentioned courses is open during October 16-27, 2017 in Asio Student Management System. Enrollment starts on Oct 16 at 8 am.