Vocational teacher education studies consist of 60 credits comprising the elements below

  • The Basics of Educational Sciences,
  • Studies in Vocational Pedagogy,
  • Teaching practice, 
  • Other studies.

(Statute 1129/2014 §§ 2 and 3)

Vocational Teacher Education studies are structured as the studies specified in the statute in the following manner.

Figure 2. Vocational Teacher Education Studies.

The Basics of Educational Sciences consist of two courses: 

Studies in Vocational Pedagogy include:

The Course for Teaching practice is called

The Other studies include  

Further information of these courses will be added in the study guide by August the 21st.

In this part of the study guide you can find information also on the following: Assessment of learning process and competences, Learning environments and studying, Accreditation and Scheduling the studies.