The purpose of optional studies is to broaden and deepen knowledge of an area which supports the general aims of your teacher education studies as well as you own interests and learning goals. You are required to undertake 10 credits worth of option studies. These may consist of either a single 10 cr course or two 5 cr courses.

You should plan your optional studies as part of creating your PLP.  You may choose from the optional courses offered by JAMK University of Applied Sciences and complete them in any year of your studies. You may also include in your optional studies some other courses which you will complete during your teacher education study programme or which you have completed in another educational institution since 1 January 2014. Any course you suggest should support the aims of the teacher education programme in terms of its goals and contents. If you want to get credit transfer, please send an application and a certificate of studies to the Students Counsellor of the Teacher Education College. Application form can be found online in August 2016.

During the academic year 2016-17 the Teacher Education College offers the following courses in English:

  • Solution-focused coaching as a tool for teachers in the digital era, 5 cr
  • International Summer School 5 cr

JAMK  library has compiled a selection of online resources to help you in information retrieval, study, and research.

  • Specialized Information Seeking, 5 cr

Additionally, the following courses are offered but are only delivered in Finnish. Again, each of them is worth 5 cr (links will take you to the Finnish pages):

You can choose any one or two of these optional courses to suit your own learning goals.

Registration for these optional courses is completed in the ASIO system. The registration period begins on 3 October and ends on 14 October. A minimum of 16 students must be registered for a course in order for it to be held. If a course is canceled due to the lack of participants, those students who have enrolled can join another course if places are still available. This possibility will be announced separately before the end of October.

You can check your registration in real-time in the ASIO-system and cancel it if necessary.

You may also choose from the optional courses offered by other faculties within JAMK University of Applied Sciences. These studies are carried out in modules that require regular attendance. Although these studies are planned for students from other departments of the University of Applied Sciences, they may be relevant to trainee teachers’ personal learning goals. Optional studies can also consist of language and communication studies.

You can also use courses at the Finnish Online University of Applied Sciences.