Lecturer in charge
Maarit Miettinen

In this course you will learn about the key concepts in the science of educational development and the psychological approach to learning and human development.

You can either complete the online course, or apply for transfer of credits from previous educational sciences studies or adult education sciences studies (Finnish Approbatur-degree). If you already have an Approbatur-degree, you need to obtain recognition of prior learning.

If you wish to apply for recognition of prior learning, you need to complete the application form and send it with supporting materials to the Student Counsellor of the Teacher Education College for evaluation.

Learning outcomes

Student is able to follow developmental and educational psychology research and literature, and he/she is familiar with the basic concepts and terminology used in this field. He/she is able to make use of the findings of developmental and educational psychology research to facilitate professional development and learning at his/her own work.


In this course you will become familiar with role of guidance in the science of education and learn about the development of psychological concepts, theories and key applications in your work, as well as global contemporary issues in the field.

  • education and guidance concepts and theories applicable in teachers at work
  • meaning of developmental and educational psychology in learning and guidance
  • lifelong human growth and development
  • teaching and learning, current concepts and phenomena

Assessment material

You can choose how you wish to demonstrate your understanding of the learning aims for this course.  For example, you could produce a multimedia presentation, a mind map, build a photo collage, draw a cartoon, make a video diary or record an interview, etc. You can do this task either alone, in a pair or a small group.

Assessment criteria

The learning assignment will assess your knowledge management skills, knowledge and understanding about learners and reflective skills

  Required skills
Knowledge management skills
  • your ability to independently search for and select information that is relevant to your own work,
  • your familiarity with education, and educational and developmental psychology, and demonstrate an understanding of how the basic concepts apply to education, training and learning, and,
  • the way in which you examine and analyse your own experiences  in the light of basic concepts within the science of education and educational and developmental psychology and apply these ideas to your own work.
Knowledge and understanding about learners
  • how you are learning to identify and understand the underlying causes and know how to apply this knowledge to teaching and guidance in your own work.
Reflection skills
  • your ability to realistically and justifiably assess your own learning and set new objectives to develop your expertise.

Assessment scale

  • Pass/Fail