Lecturers in charge: 
Eila Burns and Sirpa Laitinen-Väänänen

In this course you will choose a pedagogical theme or practice that is interesting for you and your fellow students in the learning circle. Within your learning circle, find a joint pedagogical development topic and plan how it will be implemented in practice. You can, for example, scrutinize closer some of the themes you have found interesting during Facilitating Learning -course or something else you want to develop further. The project will begin with familiarizing yourself with current information and other source material.

After the implementation the results will be published in order to share the results of the project with the others. The ways of publication can vary, for example, articles, posters, videos, blogs. However, the publication needs to include relevant sources of information.


Figure 5. Inquiry Oriented Pedagogical Development Project

Learning outcomes

Students are able to develop their pedagogical practices together with others and are able to publish the results of their development work in an appropriate and theoretically sound manner. Students are also able to assess realistically their own skills and competences as developers.


Implementation of a pedagogical development project

Assessment material

  • Plan for an inquiry oriented development project
  • Publication
  • Assessment (peer- and self-assessment)

Assessment criteria

Based on the assessment material, these skills will be assessed:  your developmental skills, your co-operational and networking skills, your knowledge management skills and your reflection skills.

  Required skills 
Developmental skills and Cooperational and networking skills
  • You identify pedagogically significant and current development topics.
  • You participate in development activities in collaboration with others.
Knowledge management skills
  • You find appropriate and theoretically sound reference material for you development project.
  • You publish and disseminate the results of your development project in understandable and appropriate manner.
Reflective skills
  • You realistically assess the process and the results of your development project. You are able to assess yourself as a collaboration partner. You are also able to set new objectives for the development of your expertise.

Assessment scale

  • Pass/Fail

Learning assignments

This course consists of three learning assignments.

A learning circle chooses a mutual topic for an inquiry oriented pedagogical development project and makesplans for its implementation. As the second assignment you will publish the results of your project in an appropriate manner (publication). At the end of the course you need to assess the process of the project and its’ results  (assessment).

The documentation of the project needs to be submitted in Optima. Publication and dissemination of the results will be agreed with your teacher educator.

1.  Plan for an inquiry oriented pedagogical development project

Within your learning circle you need to choose a topic for the inquiry based pedagogical development project and justify it.  In the plan you should describe the stages of the project, make decisions about the implementation and publication, as well as, the work distribution in the group (see Figure 5).

2. Publication and dissemination

Publication and dissemination are part of your development project. This will be agreed with your learning circle and your teacher educator. The work could be published as a one document, or if necessary can be published in parts. The final product could be, for example, a training course, a workshop, a poster presentation, an online journal article, a column article or an article in a professional journal.  Your inquiry based project will be presented to the others during the contact seminars.

3. Assessment of the inquiry based development project

The assessment of this course will consist of self- and peer assessment.

Peer- assessment

Peer-assessment by the learning circle needs to include all the phases (planning, implementing and publishing). In the analysis consider the following: to what extend did you meet the goals? How could you have improved your work process?  How did you succeed in working together as a group?


The self-assessment focuses on your role in planning and implementation of the Inquiry Based Pedagogical Development Project. You should reflect on the materials you have produced in relation to the aims you had set for yourself. What has been meaningful for you? What was your input in this development process? You should also reflect on your skills and knowledge in relation to the assessment criteria: in which way and on what grounds did your own process and your results reflect the criteria?