In order to retain their study entitlement, students must enroll for attendance/non-attendance via the ASIO student management system of JAMK every semester during the enrolment period. Non-enrolment (both for attendance and non-attendance) leads to loss of study entitlement. 

Enrolment for the spring semester can be done simultaneously with the enrolment for the preceding autumn semester. If you want to change enrolment from attendance to non-attendance or vice versa you must contact Student Services. Enrolment may be changed only during the enrolment period, not in the middle of a semester.

Instructions on how to enroll:

1. Go to Asio student management system. You will see the page displayed below. 

2. By clicking your mouse, choose Attendance/Non-attendance from the Menu on the left hand side. The system will ask your Username and Password.

3. Write your User name (X1234) and Password to the fields required and click OK. Now you should see the Enrolment for attendance -window.

4. At first check your contact details. Please keep your contact details updated during your whole studies, because it´s important that we can reach you if needed. When you graduate, we will send your certificate to the address mentioned in Asio. Remember to update your contact details also if those change.

5. For statistics, please also inform your place of domicile, if it is in Finland, by selecting the correct one from the menu.

6. Please update also the fields concerning confidentiality and data protection (e.g. permission to use photos and videos).

7. The most important information is on the lower left corner of the window. There you can enroll for attendance. In the beginning of the autumn period, choose “Attendance” for both autumn and spring semesters.

8. Confirm your selections, and you will see a preliminary confirmation page.

9. Confirm your information (if correct), and you have enrolled for attendance. When you return to the Main menu, you will see the start page of Asio.

10. When you finish using Asio, use Logout –button. Close the browser window to complete the logout and nobody can access your information afterwards.