Enrolment for the optional courses of Developing Pedagogical Skills and Competences 5- 15 cr

The students in the School of Professional Teacher Education can enrol for the courses of Developing Pedagogical Skills and Competences in Asio Student Management System. With the same application, students can change their contact details, enroll for attendance for autumn and spring semesters and make their practical training agreements.

Instructions on how to enroll for optional courses:

1. Go to ASIO Student Management System at asio.jamk.fi. The screen image (see the picture below) opens. If you see an ASIO pop-up window on your screen, click on the blue Main Menu link.


2. Click with the mouse to “Login" and a new small window asking you to enter your username and password will appear on the screen.

3. Enter your User ID (= Student ID) in X1234 format and password. Finally, click the OK button.

4. Next, click on the "Courses" button on the left side menu to open the selection page shown below.


5. Select the "Degree Programme and School specific elective studies, Summer studies and studies for Exchange students" section and click "Enrol".

6. Next, choose "School of Professional Teacher Education" -> Find Courses.


7. You will see a list of all the optional courses available. Choose the courses you want to enroll by clicking the boxes.

8. Once you have selected all the courses you want to enrol for (max. 3), click the "Enrol" box and confirm the enrolment once more after "Do you really want to enroll for this course?"

9. You are now enrolled for the courses you have chosen or entered into the queue list if the course was full at the time of registration.

10. When you stop using ASIO, use the "Logout" button in the upper banner in the ending routine.

11. Finally close the browser window to complete the logout.