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Student Union JAMKO

The Student Union on Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences JAMKO is the statutory guardian and service provider of JAMK's students. Master’s degree students can also join the student union and receive an official student card.

The membership of the student union offers its members all national and local benefits, diverse leisure opportunities, events and trips, as well as JAMKO's own, low-cost café services. With a valid student card, you get student discounts on even unexpected everyday expenses, such as various services and hobbies, from VR and in bus traffic and restaurants. Members can supplement the benefits of the physical student card with a digital student card through a smartphone.

You become a member electronically through JAMKO's website.

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For open studies path student

Open studies students cannot join the JAMKO student union, but they can attend student events organised by JAMKO and acquire student overalls if they so wish.

Additionally, path students (bachelor) may use JAMKO’s gym.