JAMKO's Leisure Activities for students

Student Union JAMKO offers versatile leisure-time activities and peer support during your studies. You will get to know your fellow students while attending various events, which include anything from sports events to relaxed alcohol-free evenings and large student celebrations. With JAMKO, you will have the chance to experience winter wonderland in Lapland or travel abroad to Saint Petersburg or Lofoten Islands, for example. The Student Union is also constantly developing new forms of activity that we can serve better students who study from different locations and online.

You can relax on Main Campus during the day in the student lounge JAMKO Café and enjoy a cup of coffee, play boardgames, challenge someone on the game console or play billiards. Student union members can exercise for free in the gym maintained by JAMKO on Main Campus. JAMKO also organises well-being events for students and works in close cooperation with Academic Sports.

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Services in Jyväskylä region

The City of Jyväskylä website contains plenty of information on cultural events and exercise options. With the help of the directories on the website, you can look for hobbies and destinations as well as associations and clubs that interest you.


Sports and Leisure in Saarijärvi

Saarijärvi provides opportunities for downhill and cross-country skiing, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, among other things. The surrounding areas provide further opportunities for outdoor activities.

Information on events, culture and other leisure activities in Saarijärvi is available on the website of the Saarijärvi region.