Insuring Students

JAMK University of Applied Sciences has taken out the following insurances for the students:

  • Statutory accident insurance for pupils
  • Labour market training
  • Education based on employment
  • Recreational studies
  • Group accident insurance for students
  • Travel insurance for students (no valid insurance)
  • Personal liability and trainee insurance
  • Foreign students

Please note that JAMK University of Applied Sciences does not provide students with travel insurance. You must take out your own travel insurance policy.

Instructions The exact instructions in the case of an accident can be found on the Elmo Student (login required). Open

Statutory Accident Insurance

Statutory accident insurance is valid when taking part in unsalaried practical training and practical instruction equivalent to work and is in force worldwide.

Indemnity is paid provided that the accident occurs or the occupational disease is sustained in circumstances that are characteristic of and in accordance with the curriculum or qualification requirements for the particular education. The accident or injury needs to have taken place as the student was participating in practical teaching, competence-based qualification test, on-the-job-training, periods of practical work training or periods of orientation to working life (TET) belonging to basic education, which have taken place in an educational institution or other setting provided by the organizer of the training or instruction or by the maintainer of the educational institution.

The accident is also covered when it has been sustained immediately on the way from school or home to the location, appointed by the organizer, where practical training or on-the-job-training, TET (orientation to working life) or competence test takes place and vice versa.  Normal every day travels to and from school are not covered.

Labour Market Training

Labour market training is covered in your statutory accident insurance

The producer of the education services is obligated to organize the statutory accident insurance for students participating in labour market training. The employment services (labour administration) are not obligated to organize insurance. 
Accident insurance cover for those in labour market training is as extensive as for actual employees and staff (Act on the Public Employment Service 1295/2002). The insurance covers accidents which occur during actual studies or in circumstances pertaining to studies. These include for instance travels to and from school, sports and physical education lessons and breaks (recess).


Voluntary Accident Insurance

A voluntary accident insurance for the students complements the statutory accident insurance. The insurance is valid during activities included in the curriculum or degree requirements such as theory lessons, breaks (recess), sport lessons, daily travels to and from school, field trips, practical training and travels to and from work place. The insurance is valid worldwide during trips included in the curriculum.

The injured person must first pay the costs themselves and apply for any possible Kela (the Social Insurance Institution of Finland) reimbursements if the medical institution is not automatically able to do so when paying.

Sums insured:

  • Accident treatment expenses 8 561 €
  • Permanent disability caused by an accident 5 096 €
  • Accidental case of death 1 631 €

Travel Insurance, no valid insurance

Statutory accident insurance does not cover for medical expenses caused by gastroenteritis, ear infection, appendicitis or other type of illness: these are not defined as accidents. The insurance also does not cover for accidents occurred during leisure time.

Therefore, the students should always take on additional travel insurance for extra caution when travelling. Travel insurance covers, for example, illnesses and accidents occurring during the trip and possible travels back home as well as luggage. These usually include travel liability insurance and legal expenses insurance. The students can also have their own valid continuous travel insurances or, if needed, the school can take out fixed-term group travel insurance.

To purchase a fixed-term group travel insurance, please provide the following information: time and duration of the trip, travel location, names and social security numbers of those participating on the trip and whether there are any luggage to be insured (inform the sum, for example 400 € - 1000 €).


Personal Liability and Trainee Insurance

The scope of your liability insurance has been extended in such way that the insurance covers the student’s personal liability to pay damages if the student in connection with the practical training or on-the-job-training causes the employer or a third party bodily injury or material damage through more than slight negligence.

With regard to injury caused to a third party, compensation is paid provided that the employer’s liability insurance does not cover the damage.

Trainee insurance

Subject of the insurance is property owned, utilized or otherwise held by the company organizing the work related training. Indemnity is paid provided that the accident is sudden and unpredictable. The insurance is, however, secondary and can only be used if the damage is not covered by some other insurance such as third-party motor insurance or liability and property insurance taken out by the company organizing the work related training or practical training.

  • validity                                           Worldwide, apart from USA and Canada
  • sum insured                                  100 000 €
  • excess                                             500 €
  • excess abroad                               2 000 €

The property of the university or the students is not covered.

The trainee is not held personally responsible for the damage he or she has caused to the employer during his/her training period if the damage is identified as slight. In such case, it is the employer’s responsibility to cover the costs caused by the accident to an outside party. The employer also cannot collect the costs later on from the trainee. Liability for damage can occur if the student has caused damage to the workplace, employee or an outside party through a mistake or gross negligence.

The student is treated equal to the actual employees of the training place and the insurances taken out by the training place take precedence over compensations from other insurance systems. Also, the student can be held personally liable for damage (see above). 

The trainee insurance is secondary to the insurances taken out by the training place itself. Within the limits of the sum insured, compensation can be paid for a sudden and unpredictable property damage which can be viewed as direct consequence of the trainee’s actions, and which is not covered by any other insurance. The damage can concern property owned, utilized or otherwise held by the training place. Only actual material damage is covered and not possible further expenses caused by the material damage such as compensation for business interruption loss.

However, compensation is not usually paid if the reason behind the damage is a lack of appropriate supervision or that the student has not received adequate and sufficient introduction or guidance for his or her work duties.

JAMK insurance cover for studying abroad and practical training

1. Statutory accident insurance

All students are covered by statutory accident insurance during their unpaid practical training and during on-the-job learning and practical training classes that are comparable to work.  The insurance is valid all over the world.

If you have an accident abroad, you should report this to your contact person in Finland, who will file an accident report. We recommend that the accident report is filed as soon as possible, within 14 days of the accident at the latest. You should be prepared to cover the cost of treatment yourself and then claim a refund from the insurance company once you have returned to Finland.

2. Group accident insurance

Other activities related to studies are covered by group accident insurance. The insurance is valid during activities related to the curriculum or the degree plan, for example during theory lessons, recesses, sports classes, daily trips to campus and back, on outings and clubs organised within the curriculum, on exhibition, museum and factory visits and during practical training and on trips to work and back. The insurance is valid all over the world.

If you have an accident abroad, you should report this to your contact person in Finland, who will file an accident report. We recommend that the accident report is filed as soon as possible, within 14 days of the accident at the latest. You should be prepared to cover the cost of treatment yourself and then claim a refund from the insurance company once you have returned to Finland.

3. Practical training insurance

Practical training insurance covers all personal and material damages caused by a student in practical training. Damages will be compensated, if no other insurance covers them. The amount of insurance is €100,000, and the excess is €500. The excess abroad is €2,000. Validity: Worldwide, apart from USA and Canada.

4. Travel insurance, no valid insurance

Besides the insurance listed above, students are encouraged to take out travel insurance. This will cover all cases of illness or accident, should the accident insurance mentioned above fail to cover them. If necessary, travel insurance will also cover transportation home, should your trip be cut short due to illness. Students can also insure their luggage, if they see fit. If you are planning to travel to several countries, make sure that your travel insurance is valid until the day you return home. This way your insurance will cover the entire trip.

Before you go abroad, find out from your insurance company if the country/city you are planning to visit has a medical clinic co-operating with your insurance company. If yes, go to this clinic if you fall ill or have an accident. This way you might not have to cover the cost yourself. In other cases, you must cover the cost yourself and later claim a refund from your insurance company.

If you have a serious accident, call the service number listed on your travel insurance card or certificate. You will be given instructions on what to do and your case will be processed further. Fairly affordable travel insurance is available to Finnish and international students online, for example at: or you can purchase travel insurance directly from your own insurance company.


Foreign students

Foreign students: Because exchange students are studying their degree in a foreign school, their studying in a Finnish school is not based on the laws mentioned in connection with the statutory accident insurance. Thus, they are not covered by the statutory accident insurance taken out by the municipal federation of education or the voluntary group accident insurance and should thus take out insurances of their own.

A foreign student who is not an EU-citizen or equivalent has to acquire a residence permit if his or her studies in Finland continue for more than three months.

Finnish and foreign students can buy affordable travel insurance: