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Study counsellor – support and guidance in challenging situations

Each JAMK unit has a study counsellor with whom you can confidentially discuss any study-related issues that are bothering you. If you have issues with time management, your family situation or health, for example, or if you have had a long absence from studies, are considering dropping out or are worried about completing your studies, you should contact the study counsellor of your unit.

If you need individual support with your studies regarding learning challenges, disability, illness, nervous stress or cultural background, the study counsellor can help you survey the different available forms of support and give guidance with seeking support.

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Study Psychologist

We have two study psychologists at JAMK. Study psychologists guide and support JAMK degree students in issues related to learning, motivation and coping.

You can contact them in matters related to issues that impede your studies, such as stress, performance anxiety, anxiety, depression or a stressful life situation. You can also plan personal study arrangements together with the study psychologist concerning any learning difficulties you may have. The aim of the confidential discussions is to find solutions to problems arising from studies, different life situations and relationships. In accordance with the needs, there can be from one to five meetings with the study psychologist. The service is free of charge for students.

The study psychologist is an authorised health care professional, whose competencies include questions related to learning, motivation and mental health. The service is a part of the guidance offered at JAMK. The study psychologist closely cooperates with the student health services of the City of Jyväskylä and refers students to other health care services, when necessary. The aim is to offer students a support network in which they find the individual services best supporting their studies.


Booking appointments: opintopsykologi(at)

You can book hour-long personal discussion appointments with the study psychologist via e-mail. Please, provide a brief description of your situation and any issues you want to talk about in your e-mail.

The office is located at the Main Campus, Rajakatu 35.

Study psychologist reception times for students without appointment: Mondays 10–12 and Wednesdays 10–12. During this time, you may also contact study psychologists by phone: call or send a WhatsApp message (+358 40 521 9415 or +358 40 162 8525).

You may also have a remote meeting with a psychologist (via Teams or Zoom).

Please, see current information on the Elmo Student (login required).


School Pastor

The school supports you with the challenges and pressures of your studies and everyday life. You can contact the school pastor regarding relationship troubles, stress, anxiety, different life crises and grief, and life philosophy issues. All discussions are confidential and covered by the pastor’s secrecy obligation.

The school pastor is part of the team of professionals who take care of the well-being of students: study counsellors, career tutors, study psychologist and health care. The school pastor is a worker of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jyväskylä, who can be contacted regardless of whether you are a member of another religious group or do not belong to any religious group. It is part of the school pastor’s professional skills to accept each student just the way they are.


The school pastor’s office is at the Main Campus, Rajakatu 35. Reception without appointment is open on Tuesdays at the Main Campus from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

You can contact the school pastor:

  • via e-mail: johanna.tikkanen(at) or johanna.tikkanen(at)
  • by telephone on +358 50 521 5418
  • in instagram: johanna_tikkanen

Please, see consultation details on the Elmo Student (login required).

Student Services

Student services secretaries will help you, for example, with:

  • enrolments
  • study entitlement
  • study financial aid
  • the overall smoothness of studies
  • graduation
  • certificate of studies, transcript of records, meal bonus and student certifications for VR and Matkahuolto

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Student Health Services


  • Health issues
  • Trouble sleeping and concentrating
  • Mental health issues
  • Self-destructive thoughts.
  • Substance abuse and gambling addiction
  • Evaluation, guidance and further guidance towards other parties in the co-operation network (where necessary)

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Principles of Study Guidance The guidance services are based on the core principles of study guidance approved at JAMK (2018, pdf). Open
Promoting Fluent Study Techiques The courses provides tools for the solving of problems in reading and writing, the perception of written language, and foreign language learning. Open

For open studies path student

You can use all the same guidance counselling services as degree students except for the study psychologist’s services. In such matters, please consult the student pastor or your local health centre.


Intoxicant-related matters

Every student is ultimately responsible for their own well-being. However, there are situations in which a student cannot recognise the changes in their situation or coping. In such cases, members of the academic community have a responsibility to bring up their concerns, applying the early intervention principle. The aim of this cooperation is to eliminate the concern. The concern remains if the student in question continues to exhibit symptoms or cause concerns in their environment.

Using intoxicants in moderation or abstaining from them is part of life management, professional growth and preparation for working life. Every JAMK University of Applied Sciences campus has a substance abuse contact person who has been specifically trained to provide support in bringing up concerns.

Operational guidelines for various situations involving intoxicant use are described below:

A. Operational guideline for when a student notices that they are in need of help due to a substance abuse or gaming problem:

  1. Contact any person who you consider reliable or the campus substance abuse contact person and tell them about your substance abuse problem. Describe the state of your studies and how you will proceed with them.
  2. Working together, determine the ideal form of treatment for you and commit to it. The treatment provider can be a substance abuse nurse or a substance abuse services centre run by the SOVATEK Foundation, for example.

B) Operational guideline for when concerns are raised about a student’s use of intoxicants:

  1. As the person who observed the concern, contact the campus’ substance abuse contact person. Set up a joint meeting with the student and bring up the concern with the student confidentially, while respecting their privacy. Do not make the student feel guilty, but tell them openly about the observations that you have made that contribute to your concern.
  2. If necessary, consult a teacher tutor, a study counsellor, a study psychologist or health care services.
  3. If the concern is moderate, the substance abuse contact person organises the student’s referral to health care services for treatment in cooperation with the student.
  4. The substance abuse contact person coordinates follow-up measures and possible network meetings, which may be attended by representatives of health care services and JAMK guidance staff in addition to the student.

C) Operational guideline for when a student is intoxicated on campus:

  1. Make sure that the student poses no danger to themselves or others.
  2. a) Minor concern: bring up the subject with the intoxicated student, preferably together with another person.
    b) Moderate / major concerns: directly contact the janitors or 112.
  3. Guide the student home safely.
  4. Contact the campus substance abuse contact person, who is responsible for setting up how to bring up the subject and referral to treatment.
  5. Submit any documents prepared as a result of the situation to the substance abuse contact person, who is responsible for the electronic archiving of relevant documents.
  6. Initiation of disciplinary measures, if necessary (section 40 of Degree Regulations).

More details will be given in the document of Early intervention model for students of JAMK (pdf).


Study Counsellors

School of Health and Social Studies

Students in Social Services and Health Care, and Music

Lutakko Campus, Piippukatu 2, room D137

Kuhanen Vesa

Kuhanen Vesa

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
HYVI Kuntoutus- ja sosiaaliala, Rehabilitation and Social Studies
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
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Students in Open Studies, Social Services and Health Care

Lutakko Campus, Piippukatu 2, room D513

Lundahl Raija

Lundahl Raija

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
HYVI Kuntoutus- ja sosiaaliala, Rehabilitation and Social Studies
Hyvinvointi, School of Health and Social Studies
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School of Business

Students in Business Management, Business Information Technology and Team Academy

Main Campus, Rajakatu 35, room C221

Immonen Heli-Riikka

Immonen Heli-Riikka

Opinto-ohjaaja, Study Counsellor
LIKE Hallinto, Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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Students in International Business

Main Campus, Rajakatu 35

Piia Hynynen acted as Tiina's stand-in until 31 May 2020.
Book a meeting with Piia:

Hynynen Piia

Hynynen Piia

Koulutuskoordinaattori, Education Coordinator
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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Siitonen Tiina

Siitonen Tiina

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
Global Competence, Global Competence
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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School of Technology

Students in Technology (students of agrologist and engineering)

Mon and Fri: Main Campus, Rajakatu 35, room D125
Wed: Main Campus, Rajakatu 35, room F130
Tue and Thur: Dynamo Campus, Piippukatu 2, room 138

Palonen Teija

Palonen Teija

Opinto-ohjaaja, Study Counsellor
Teknologia TKI, Research and Development
Teknologia, School of Technology
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Students in ICT

Lutakko Campus, Piippukatu 2, room D552

Lappalainen-Kajan Tarja

Lappalainen-Kajan Tarja

Lehtori, Senior Lecturer
IT, Institute of Information Technology
Teknologia, School of Technology

Teacher Education College

Students in Teacher Education College

Innova 1, Piippukatu 11

Jouhiaho Katariina

Jouhiaho Katariina

Opinto-ohjaaja, Study Counsellor
AOKK Hallinto, Administration
Ammatillinen opettajakorkeakoulu, Professional Teacher Education