The objective of online studies is to offer alternative modes of study for all students. The implementation of online courses is also bound to a calendar, but the online courses permit at least partial flexibility of time and location.

All the fields of study of JAMK provide courses which are implemented either entirely or in part on the Internet.

Other online courses

In addition to JAMK courses, you can select online studies from

  1. the shared online offering portal of universities of applied sciences, CampusOnline, which offers you a comprehensive selection of various online courses. Read the instructions in the Elmo student intranet (login required) before you register for courses.
  2. MOOC (massive open online course) courses in various countries. The courses are completed independently online.

MOOCs as part of PLP plans for students

You can choose MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) courses for your study path. You can allocate them to your PLP, for example, as:

  • elective studies
  • partial completions of JAMK’s courses
  • optional vocational studies

You will act independently in the selection of MOOC courses and be responsible for the progression of studies and any possible costs.

The MOOC courses need to support achieving the learning objectives of your degree in order for them to award credits as part of your PLP. JAMK is not responsible for arranging the MOOC courses or their quality, so before completing such courses you need to discuss them with the person in charge of the said studies or the career tutor. Ask your teacher about any MOOC courses recommended by the degree programme.

You can search for MOOC courses independently, for example, at the following locations:

JAMK Online Quality Criteria Get to know the online quality criteria at JAMK (pdf) Open