Cross-institutional studies - offering for other than JAMK students

Cross-institutional studies - instructions for incoming students at JAMK

Welcome to study at JAMK University of Applied Sciences! Below, you can find instructions to help you get started with your studies at JAMK.

1. User name and password at JAMK

You need a personal user name and password to log in to the JAMK network and services. You can check your username and change its password with your Finnish online bank account ID using password change service. If you do not have a suitable online bank ID or there are some other problems using service, please contact: campusonline(at) If you are EduFutura student please contact: avoinamk(at)

2. Moodle (and Optima)

JAMK uses the web-based learning environment Moodle. You can access the environment using the JAMK username and password. The course environment opens just before the commencement of the studies.

Moodle can be found at:

  • Log in to the Moodle environment. You will see the course in Moodle on the first day of the studies, at the latest.
  • Instructions on Moodle (Open learning materials)

Please note: Before Moodle, JAMK was using another learning environment, Optima, but starting in January 2021, all new implementations has been made in Moodle. Ongoing implementations can be continued in Optima until the end of 2022. Thus, during the transition period, a student may have courses both in Moodle and Optima.

If the course is implemented in Optima, the e-learning environment can be found at:

If you encounter problems when logging in, try the following actions:

  1. clear the browser cache memory
  2. open the browser for private browsing (InPrivate/Private/Incognito window)
  3. close the browser and try again or
  4. log in using another browser.

3. Email

You can access your JAMK email with your JAMK ID (just the ID without the ending and the password you set in Vetuma.

Open JAMK email service by clicking this link.

4. Cancellation of studies

If you need to cancel your participation in the CampusOnline studies, please send a notice of cancellation to campusonline(at) or EduFutura studies to avoinamk(at)

5. Studying

Read the course description already before starting your studies. It details the learning outcomes and required assignments on the course, among other things. The descriptions can be found at or (Finnish web site).

If you want you can test your digital skills. Open the page of the digital skills test (Open learning materials).

6. After studies

After the end of the studies, the teacher evaluates the studies and enters the grade into JAMK’s transcript of records. See the instructions for transferring study attainments to your home institution at Puro service or if you are the student in upper secondary education, please see at My Studyinfo service.


Please contact:

  • CampusOnline: campusonline(at)
  • EduFutura: avoinamk(at)