Complementary competence includes the statutory elective studies and optional professional studies. Complementary competence may be composed of multidisciplinary studies across different fields of study, such as the courses offered by JAMK’s Future Factory, the entrepreneurship studies offered by the Startup Factory, the core competence courses offering of different degree programmes, the courses offered by the student union JAMKO, studies in support of student well-being, the studies offered by the language centre, and studies completed elsewhere, such as the courses offered by EduFutura and CampusOnline and courses completed as part of international student exchange.

The master's degree curricula allow at least 5 ECTS credits’ worth of complementary competence studies to be pursued in 60 ECTS credit degree programmes, and at least 20 ECTS credits in 90 ECTS credit degree programmes.

The elective studies must consist of master's level courses. Students must have their elective courses and the respective credits accepted by the head of department in advance, if these courses are not selected from the elective studies of JAMK, after which they can be included in the Personal Learning Plan (PLP).