Enrol for attendance or non-attendance

In order to retain their study entitlement, students must enrol for attendance/non-attendance via the ASIO student management system of JAMK every semester during the enrolment period. Non-enrolment (both for attendance and non-attendance) leads to loss of study entitlement.

Enrolment for the spring semester can be done simultaneously with the enrolment for the preceding autumn semester. If you want to change enrolment from attendance to non-attendance or vice versa you must contact Student Services. Enrolment may be changed only during the enrolment period, not in the middle of a semester.

Enrolment Periods

Instructions for new students

The applicant accepts the study place via Studyinfo.fi service enrolling as an attending or non- attending student.

Students may enrol as non-attending students in their first year if they are

  • completing their military or civil service in accordance with the Conscription Act, Non-Military Service Act or Act on Women's Voluntary Military Service
  • on maternity, paternity or parental leave
  • incapable of commencing the studies due to personal illness or disability.

The absence must be verified with official documents during the enrolment period in Student Services. If the documents are insufficient or are not delivered during the enrolment period, the student in question will be registered as attending.

Enrol ASIO Student Management System Click here

When you have enrolled for attendance, it guarantees

  • the study entitlement
  • the right to register for and attend courses
  • to complete courses
  • to take part in student exchange or complete practical training
  • to receive guidance for your thesis
  • to complete supervised practical training
  • to apply for a degree certificate
  • the student and meal subsidies and the benefits associated with student union membership.

If you are not attending, you are not entitled

  • to attend classes
  • to register credits
  • to complete the supervised practical training
  • to receive thesis guidance
  • to get student financial aid or other student benefits.
  • to the student status or the student card.

Even if you have enrolled as non-attending, you can take studies as Open Studies. The courses are the same as the ones you would take for your degree studies, and they will be accepted as part of your degree. The students can complete the amount of studies they wish to. The studies are subject to a fee.

For open studies path student

You need not separately enrol for attendance or for individual courses. They will be taken care of on your behalf when you have enrolled as a student via our website and paid the study fee. Neither can you enrol for non-attendance. If you want to complete more studies, select them from the open studies website.

The right of absence You can read more about the right of absence in the Degree Regulations (section 7). Open