Students begin preparing the Personal Learning Plan (PLP) and career plan at the start of their studies on the Development as an Expert course. They update the plans throughout studies. Preparing the career plan supports the understanding of work and study opportunities and making choices affecting their professional career.

In the PLP, students determine the progress of their studies, the studies to be completed and relevant schedules. Students include in the PLP all compulsory basic and vocational studies, practical training and the thesis. In addition to these, students can include in the PLP optional and elective studies. The offering of such studies varies each academic year. It is recommended that elective studies be also taken from other degree programmes and the common courses offering of the university of applied sciences. Other institutions of higher education are also providing an increasing number of courses to complement your studies and career plan.

The PLP tool can be found in the main menu of the ASIO Student Management System. The programme opens the curriculum approved in the year the student started his or her studies, based on which he or she can begin preparing the PLP.

With the help of students' PLP, the students and their career tutor will monitor the progress of their studies, based on which their learning and development needs can be supported in a more individual manner. The PLP and the career plan are updated in the PLP discussion held with the career tutor annually. Students bear the responsibility for completing and monitoring their studies, but student guidance and support services is available throughout studies.

PLP supports in special situations

If a student switch from one degree programme to another within JAMK or enter JAMK as a transfer student from another institution of higher education, a student is unable to complete his/her studies within the recommended period or he/she has been unable to carry out his/her studies for an extended period of time, he/she shall have to create/update his/her PLP. The student must contact the study counsellor of career tutor, if studies recorded in the PLP are no longer available due to a long absence or some other reason.

Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

Students will complete their Personal Learning Plans in Asio.

Career plan

Students will complete their career plans in online learning environment Optima's  Development as an Expert workspace.


Students will complete their Intermediate Portfolios in Optima's Development as an Expert workspace and their Sample Portfolios in a service such as or other appropriate electronic publication platform. Further information about portfolio:

For open studies path student

At the beginning of their studies, path students will draw up a personal learning plan (PLP). Open studies students may prepare their PLP on the Excel template available in the Elmo student intranet (login required).