Degree level and field of study

Bachelor's degree (EQF 6), Business, Administration and Law

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Forms of study

Full-time and part-time studies. Please, see the further information below.

Structure of studies in Peppi

Individual courses (full-time studies)

Individual courses (part-time studies)

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Pernu Pertti

Pernu Pertti

Päällikkö liiketalous, Head of Department Business Administration
Liiketalous, Business Administration
Liiketoiminta, School of Business
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The Bachelor of Business Administration degree is a bachelor-level university of applied sciences degree. The strengths of the degree include highly versatile employment opportunities and an extensive course offering from which the students may choose studies according their personal objects of interest. Bachelors of Business Administration work in a wide range of business sectors, such as wholesale and retail, in the finance sector, in accounting firms, in the field of technology and IT, and in the public sector. The Bachelor of Business Administration degrees and the graduates’ work duties usually focus on areas such as sales, marketing, financial administration, personnel administration or various kinds of development tasks. Around half of those with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree work in expert-level roles.

The full-time professional studies include an extensive selection of business studies from which the students can compile their Personal Learning Plans. Another option is to apply for professional specialisation options. A tight working life network has been constructed for each specialisation, which promotes the progress of the students' studies, helps them to find practical training places and promotes their employment. The degree also provides a solid background for working as an entrepreneur.

Key learning outcomes

Future work duties in the field of business administration call for professionals with varied competences who are capable of flexibly re-educating themselves for new duties, even during their working career. After the graduation a Bachelor of Business Administration will have extensive professional competence: basic practical skills and knowledge and their theoretical foundations. Those who have completed a Bachelor of Business Administration degree will be capable of successfully operating in the business world in a profitable, responsible and customer-oriented way with a foresight into the future. Those who have completed a Bachelor of Business Administration degree will have good communications skills, good language skills, good information seeking skills, the capabilities required by the international nature of operations in the field, and the preconditions for monitoring the development of, and research in, the field, for continuing education, and for being an active member of society.

Professional growth and know-how

The first year of studies create the foundation for the development of transferable skills and basic business competence. These studies are the same for all students. During the second year of studies, the students will select from a wide range of professional studies the options that match their personal learning and career plan. From the point of view of the student, the content of the studies in professional studies focuses either on different subjects, such as marketing, financial administration, management, or in the separate specialisations of the degree programme, to which the students apply during the spring of the first year. These specialisations include sports business, brand competence and finance. The studies in different specialisations direct the students' professional studies so that certain professional studies are mandatory for students selected in the specialisation, and the practical training and the thesis are focused on the fields or positions in the specialisation. During their second and third year, the students will deepen their professional competence and its application in practice, as a five-month practical training period will also take place at this stage. A bachelor’s thesis that deepens the student’s development competence in their chosen professional field is usually completed towards the end of the studies.

Forms of study

Both full and part-time studies can be pursued in the degree programme. The full-time studies are carried out in the mornings and afternoons, while the part-time studies are mainly conducted online. The Open University of Applied Sciences path students, who will have the opportunity to apply for a degree student status through a separate application procedure, study as a part of the student groups.

Working life cooperation and learning

Bachelor of Business Administration studies provide a range of opportunities for on-the-job learning in the form of various assignments completed as part of individual courses, project studies, specialisation studies, practical training and theses completed for the commissioning parties.


Prior learning recognition procedures are described in the Degree Regulations and in the Study Guide. Students also have alternative study options available to them at partner universities (e.g. other universities of applied sciences and universities as well as EduFutura) and in free-access online portals (CampusOnline).


To be awarded a Bachelor’s degree certificate, the student must complete the studies of the degree programme within his/her study period in accordance with his/her Personal Learning Plan. Further information in the Degree Regulations.

Degree-related qualifications

There are no specific degree-related or statutory qualification requirements in the field.

Professional profiles of graduates

Example profiles of graduates of the degree programme in Business Management are: entrepreneur, entrepreneurship adviser, coach, consultant, accountant, payroll clerk, auditor, service adviser, investment manager, marketing director, salesperson, sales manager, shop manager, customer service manager, director of administration, HR assistant, personnel manager, project coordinator, export salesperson, export assistant and teacher.

Further studies

Students may, after graduation and a working career of at least three years, continue their studies on a master’s degree programme. A master’s degree from a university of applied sciences is a higher post-secondary degree. Studies can also be continued by applying for a university master’s degree programme or similar programmes. After a bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences, it is also possible to continue studies at higher education institutes abroad on master’s degree-level programmes. A university of applied sciences also provides opportunities for continuing education in the form of specialisation studies, open studies, online study portal (CampusOnline) and working life-based continuing education.

A student who completes a master’s degree at a university of applied sciences may apply to continue on to postgraduate studies in science or arts at universities (Act 558/2009, Section 37).


The advisory board of the School of Business has been active in providing feedback on the development of the degree. In addition, the specialisation options have been presented to the large employers in the region. The cooperation with the interest groups in the region is continuous and multifaceted, and the whole teaching staff is involved in the networking. Various kinds of feedback on the studies are collected from the students, and the students have been involved in the audit of the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council.

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