Entrepreneurship can be learned! It Entrepreneurship is an option worth considering, in addition to other career options. Entrepreneurship refers to the establishment of an enterprise and working as entrepreneur, but it also encompasses a positive attitude and commitment also when employed by others. An entrepreneurial person thinks and acts creatively, courageously and innovatively, as well as promoting the profitability of the organisation and mastering cooperation skills.

JAMK contributes to all students' development into an entrepreneurial person by offering courses on "Entrepreneurship", 3 credits (Peppi course description), "JAMK InnoFlash", 2 credits (Peppi course description) and "Future Factory project", 10 credits (Peppi course description). In place of the Future Factory project course, there are their own courses in some degree programmes.

The courses belong to the basic studies of all degree programmes. In addition, each degree programme will offer the possibility to choose entrepreneurial studies. Students have the right to include studies in their personal learning plan across units. You can also learn about entrepreneurship and gain an entrepreneurial attitude in various projects.

You can look for studies related to entrepreneurship using the link below.