In JAMK it is possible to get group instruction and study support during different phases of study. The groups provide support in problems related to comprehensive well-being and stage fright, and make tools available for the problems of reading, writing as well as making the sense of written language. You may participate in group work even when you have not been able to advance in your studies at the rate planned. Working in a group enables one to share experiences with other students.

Nature and Wellbeing (5 cr)

Content: Theories linking nature and well-being, evidence based research results between nature and wellbeing benefits, practical tools for preventive and treatment based rehabilitation, health care and social work – indoors, in green spaces and wood lands.

Contact person: Maija Jylhä


Support for learning assignments for BIT students

Implementation: Tuesdays at 9:00-12:00, G205

Contact: Teemu Pölkki

Pop-up guidance for IB students

You can come to discuss about your studies or career plans with you career tutor or Study Counsellor.

Implementation: Rajakatu 35, D-lounge on Tuesdays at 10:00–11:30.

Contact: Piia Hynynen and Tiina Siitonen

Pop-up guidance for tourism students

You can come to discuss about your studies or career plans with you career tutor or Study Counsellor.

Implementation: Rajakatu 35, D-lounge on Wednesdays at 11:00–12:00.

Contact: Susanna Nuijanmaa, Henna Siltanen and Tiina Siitonen

Pop-up guidance for BIT students

You can come to discuss about your studies or career plans with you career tutor.

Implementation: Rajakatu 35, AP03, Tuesdays at 10:00–11:30.

Contact: Niko Kiviaho, Ilari Miikkulainen and Jarkko Immonen

Practical training pop-up for tourism and hospitality students

Support for practical training process

Implementation: Rajakatu 35, D-lounge, on Wednesdays at 11:00-12:00

Contact: Ani Lietonen and Karoliina Väisänen

HyPe coffee time

Come and meet the student wellbeing staff.

JAMKOn discord-cannel, on Tuesdays from 1.9. at 15:00–15:30

Thesis workshop (hospitality management and business administration)

Guidance and support for writing your thesis.

Implementation: on Thursdays at 9:30–11:30, Rajakatu 35 room C112 and online in the zoom.

Contact person: Elina Vaara and Tarja Niemelä

Integration into the Finnish Society (1,5 cr)

The course is for all non-Finn students who want to know more about life in Finland. Enrol in Peppi on regular enrolment periods or if Peppi is already closed you can send an e-mail to Piia Hynynen, piia.hynynen(at)

The Courses of Fluent Study Techniques

The courses of Fluent Study Techniques (instruction only in Finnish) provides practical support and guidance to all students who experience difficulties in studies or in the completion of assignments, or who have a suspected or diagnosed difficulty in the area of reading and writing. The courses provides tools for the solving of problems in reading and writing, the perception of written language, and foreign language learning.

Students can register for the courses of Fluent Study Techniques, so credits are awarded for it.

The courses are:


Time: Autumn semester during September-November and Spring semester during February-March
Place: online courses in Optima or in Moodle


During normal registration periods via Peppi.

Further information:
Satu Liukko, Senior Lecturer,


Dyslexia Assessment

Students can participate in dyslexia assessment twice a year. The assessment is based on the screening method of dyslexia for young people and adults (Holopainen et al. 2004). The needs for support are identified and the support forms are jointly planned according to the results. The support forms can include alternative forms of course completion, extra time in exams, extra training, provision of course materials in advance, etc.

Registration for this assessment happens via email: Satu Liukko (

For more information: Satu Liukko, Senior Lecturer

Download the pdf file containing the courses and groups on the page

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