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Student Union JAMKO

The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences (JAMKO) is there to support JAMK students in their everyday lives and act as their statutory lobbyist. JAMKO promotes communal spirit among students, organises student events and leisure-time activities, as well as secures benefits available with a student card. JAMKO is also in charge of the tutor programme at JAMK and trains students, who have already advanced in their studies, to become tutors.

JAMKO gives students a voice in working groups and decision-making in the University of Applied Sciences, is active in municipal politics and informs students of topical issues. The highest authority in the student union lies solely with the student board of representatives, and everyday operations are managed by a board. Hired staff also work to support the student union.

You can participate in the activities in many ways and everyone is welcome to join!

The Student Union JAMKO
Main campus, Rajakatu 35, F-wing (FP23)

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Student benefits with a student card

Membership of the student union offers students all national and local benefits, versatile leisure-time opportunities, events and trips as well as affordable café services. A valid student card can be used to purchase affordable lunches in all student restaurants, and it also doubles as a library card in JAMK libraries. JAMKO members can add to the student benefits of their physical card by installing an electronic card onto their smartphone.

You should always check if there is a discount for students!


Student union membership and membership fee

After joining the student union, you will be given an official student card, which you can use to prove that you are a student of a university of applied sciences. Membership makes you eligible for all national and local student benefits, such as meal subsidies and travel discounts. The student card is given to postgraduate students who are attending studies that lead to a degree at JAMK. You can become a member online on the JAMKO website. The membership is valid for one academic year or semester at a time. When your membership expires, you can extend it online.

You can also handle any issues with your membership at the JAMKO office or the membership service points on campuses in the autumn. More detailed instructions and prices are available on the JAMKO website.

JAMKO membership and join


For open studies path student

Open studies students cannot join the JAMKO student union, but they can attend student events organised by JAMKO and acquire student overalls if they so wish.

Additionally, path students (bachelor) may use JAMKO’s gym.