Cost of Living

The costs of living include e.g. accommodation, food, public transport, study materials, clothing, and leisure activities. Average monthly living costs for students are estimated to be between 750 and 1200 euros, depending on the student's individual needs and habits.

  • housing (student accommodation) 270-500 euros
  • food 300 euros
  • bus tickets about 60 euros
  • leisure and miscellaneous expenses 100-300 euros

Note! There will be some initial expenses, such as the housing deposit, deposit for the ’survival kit’ (if you are an exchange student), and the Student Union membership fee.

The Student Union charges a yearly membership fee to finance its activities. Students who have paid the membership fee and present a student card are entitled to discounts in student restaurants, public transport, leisure activities, services, and in some shops. Further information on the membership and benefits of Student Union JAMKO.

Further Information for Foreign Students

Living costs in Finland are close to Western European average. No tuition fees are charged for students who are citizens of EU/EEA area. Please, read more about tuition fees. Students must be prepared to pay for accommodation, food, travel, study materials, insurances, health care and other costs of living. Students must make sure that their incomes cover basic living costs for the entire time spent studying in Finland. Sufficient income is a prerequisite for residence permit, which has to be verified on applying for the permit. Further information on the income requirement of the Finnish Immigration Service.

Financial Support for Studies

If you need general advice on forms of support, you may contact Saija Kotamäki on the Main Campus Student Services: opintotuki(at)


Meal Subsidy

The students of the University of Applied Sciences are entitled to a reduction on meal prices at the student restaurant by showing a student card or a Kela meal bonus card. The meal subsidy is given to students completing degree-awarding education in Bachelor or Master programmes at a Finnish university of applied sciences. The meal subsidy is also granted at the student restaurants of Finnish universities and other universities of applied sciences. Kela meal bonus cards are provided to students by the Student Services.

See further information on the Kela website.

For open studies path student

Studies at the open UAS are not eligible for the state’s student financial aid unless your other studies entitle you to it. Neither are open UAS students entitled to a student card or any student discounts.

Consult the Employment and Economic Development Office, for example, or Kela for further information about the options available for financing your studies.

Study path students (bachelor) will be entitled to discount price meals at JAMK student restaurants. You will receive the meal card from your open studies contact person.