Pedagogical Principles

  1. All UAS students and partners have equal opportunities to study.
  2. The personnel have a shared pedagogical view and the competence of the community develops on a continuous basis.
  3. The student is the owner of the learning process.
  4. Teachers and instructors are learning process enablers and supporters.
  5. The structures and learning environments that enable studying are flexible and appropriate.
  6. The curriculum is competence-based.
  7. Assessment is constructive and criteria-based; the student is aware of the assessment criteria.
  8. Learning is based on meaningful learning tasks.
  9. Learning partnerships are utilised in a purposeful manner.
  10. Digital technology is used in a versatile way in the learning process.
  11. Guidance is need-based and available throughout the studies.
  12. The student has an opportunity to learn in RDI and service business.
  13. Studies and teaching aim at long-term competence development based on research-based and foresight knowledge at different career stages.

Read more about pedagogical principles (pdf).

Ethical Principles for the students

  1. My principal aim is to learn, grow, and develop the competencies needed in the expert tasks of my professional field. I will practice and develop my workplace competencies as a responsible worker throughout my studies.
  2. I will apply the principles of sustainable development in all my actions.
  3. I will take care of myself and my ability to study and promote the well-being and team spirit of my academic community.
  4. I will promote both my own learning and that of my fellow students with my actions.
  5. I will acknowledge the value of the work of others and always act honestly.
  6. I will respect the work and working hours of the staff.
  7. I will set a positive example for other students.
  8. I will behave in an appropriate and ethically sustainable way, showing respect for others in all my activities and in all operating environments, including social media.
  9. I will act in an equitable and ethical manner towards all cultures.

Read more about ethical principles (pdf).