Bachelor’s Degree

The Bachelor’s degree of Finnish universities of applied sciences is based on the needs of working life. The scope of bachelor’s degree programmes is generally 210 or 240 ECTS credits, and their completion usually takes from 3.5 to 4 years.

Universities of applied sciences put a strong emphasis on vocational competence and practical skills. The universities of applied sciences aim at applying existing knowledge and pursuing so-called applied research. Close interaction with businesses and industry, entrepreneurship and regional development play an important role in the activities of the universities of applied sciences. Further information on the Finnish education system (the Ministry of education and culture website).

Degree-awarding education is organised through degree programmes. A degree programme is a systematic, extensive study entity, oriented to a specific professional task area and its development. Some degree programmes provide various optional study entities, i.e. specialisations, which emphasise different areas of expertise.

The degree programmes and the required competences are described in the curricula. The Student Affairs Board approves the curriculum of each degree programme and the principles of the curricula annually.

Structure of Studies

The degree consists of basic studies, professional studies, elective studies, a practical training period enhancing professional competence, and a bachelor’s thesis, in compliance with the curriculum of the degree programme.

Basic Studies

The students become familiar with studies at the university of applied sciences, including the aims and content of the education, plan their career paths, acquire a basic knowledge within the subject area of their degree programme, and develop their general communicative skills. They learn the essential concepts as well as central theoretical and professional knowledge of the field. The contents and implementation of the basic studies vary between the degree programmes, depending on the students’ prior studies.

Professional Studies

The aim is to introduce the students into the central thematic entities of the professional field in question, as well as into their scientific foundations. Professional studies are either core studies or elective professional studies. Part of the professional studies can also be chosen from other degree programmes within JAMK or from other institutions of higher education, either in Finland or abroad.

Elective Studies

The elective studies (from 10 to 15 ECTS credits in Bachelor’s degrees) provide students with the opportunity to choose courses from outside their own degree programme. The aim is to individually deepen and broaden the competences of students. Students may choose elective courses either from the offering of JAMK or from other educational institutions.

Practical Training

The aim of the practical training is to deepen the professional studies and to familiarise students under supervision, above all, with the practical tasks essential for the professional studies, and to provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills in working life.

Bachelor’s Thesis

The objective of the bachelor’s thesis is for the students to develop and demonstrate the ability to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-life expert task relevant to the professional studies.