Applying for a Degree Certificate

On completing the Bachelor’s Degree, students are awarded a degree certificate, indicating

  • the name of the degree and degree programme,
  • a potential specialization option,
  • the title which can be used based on the degree,
  • the central content of studies,
  • the name of bachelor’s thesis,
  • the language of the maturity test or other assignment demonstrating familiarity with the field,
  • reference to the language skills required of state officials in Finland, and
  • other relevant issues.

Apply for the degree certificate online (see Forms) early enough before the maximum study period expires.

Graduation checklist Graduation checklist can be found on the Elmo Student (login required). Open

Diploma Supplement

All students will receive an English-language transcript of records and Diploma Supplement free of charge when they graduate.  The Diploma Supplement is intended for international use and includes information on JAMK, the studies and credits (Transcript of Records), as well as on their level and status in the Finnish educational system.

More information about the Diploma Supplement is available on the Commission's website.

Examples of JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Diploma Supplement (pdf) and Transcript of Records (pdf)