Alumni at JAMK University of Applied Sciences

The alumni network is formed by you, graduates of JAMK University of Applied Sciences, who wish to stay in touch with your old school and fellow students. By being in alumni network, you can influence the development of your field, add to your own competence and create professional contacts important to you.

JAMK alumni network in LinkedIn

Follow us on LinkedIn and get information on current JAMK news and events. You also get the chance to join our international and growing alumni network. You will find it useful when looking for experts or wanting to share your competence. Click the link here to see which familiar faces have already joined the network!

JAMKO Alumni

The JAMKO Alumni are old, active members of student union JAMKO, for example board members or representatives, tutors or operators from educational organisations. The JAMKO Alumni stay in close touch with each other and meet regularly. With their competence, they are able to help the Student Union and its current operators develop their activities and promote issues that are important to students. The JAMKO Alumni are a tight network, and it really pays to join them.