Practical Information for International Degree Students

Before Arrival

Residence Permit

Students coming from the Nordic countries (Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden) are allowed to arrive, reside, study and work without residence permits in Finland. However, if your stay lasts longer than three months (90 days), you must register your right to reside in Finland at the Digital and Population Data Services Agency of Jyväskylä (former Register Office).

Students coming from the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area or Switzerland do not need a residence permit either. However, if you are staying in Finland for longer than three months (90 days) you must register at the Service Point of Finnish Immigration Service (Migri) after your arrival in Finland.

Students outside non-EU/non-EEA countries staying in Finland for longer than three months (90 days) must apply for a residence permit before their arrival in Finland. Start your residence permit process immediately after receiving your acceptance letter, as the process takes several weeks. Submit an application for a residence permit online at Migri’s Online Service EnterFinland. Please note that obtaining a residence permit preconditions having a valid health insurance coverage with a reliable and solvent company or institution. For more information, please see the website of the Finnish Immigration Service (Migri). For more information and advice on the residence permit requirements and procedures, please refer to the Finnish Immigration Service.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world and requires continuous evaluation and adjustments also within higher education institutions. Despite the challenges imposed by the virus, at JAMK, we have been able to continue the teaching and learning processes without interruptions by flexible online solutions. 

In August 2021, the studies are planned to be started in contact teaching on JAMK campuses in Jyväskylä. Make sure to follow the most recent updates on the COVID-19 effects on JAMK’s education

Finnish Personal Identity Code

Notice, you need to have a Finnish personal identity code which is required for our student registration system. Having a personal identity code also facilitates, for example, payment of salaries, banking and access to health care services. If you have not applied a Finnish personal identity code at the beginning of your residence in Finland, please visit the Local Register Office to obtain the code immediately. After you have received it, please inform your Study Affairs Coordinator at JAMK.

Safety Instructions at JAMK

How to promote the safety of everyone on campus.

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General Information on Jyväskylä and Finland

Study Guide

In the Study Guide for Bachelor's Degrees / Master's Degrees you can find necessary information on studies and everyday living. It is the main source of information during your studies. The Elmo Student (login required) are the additional sources of information, providing topical announcements and school- / degree-programme-specific information.