Welcome, New Bachelor Degree Student

You have been selected as a new student at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. Congratulations! Follow the instructions found  on this website and please notice the deadlines.

Familiarise yourself with the Study Guide, which you are already reading right now. The Study Guide contains information which is common to all students and which you will need throughout your studies. Now is a good time to learn more, especially about the things listed below.

Accepting the study place

You can accept the study place online at www.studyinfo.fi:

  1. If you have Finnish banking codes you can accept the study place at studyinfo.fi. Just click “My Studyinfo” to sign in with your banking codes to accept the study place and enrol as a student. The final deadline to accept the study place is 4 December, 2020, 3 pm
  2. If you do not have the Finnish National Identification Number you received an automatic email when the results were published. So, you are able to enter studyinfo.fi via that link in the email, and accept the study place.
  3. If there are any problems or you cannot enter studyinfo.fi (you do not have the banking codes or you did not receive the email mentioned above), please contact the Student Services as soon as possible (studentservices(at)jamk.fi). We can provide you a document which allows you to accept the study place.

Notice that you need to accept the study place by 4 December, 2020, 3 pm at the latest. If one has not accepted the study place by the deadline the study place is cancelled and given for the first person on the waiting list.

Enroll for Attendance or Non-attendance

After you have accepted the study place you also need to enroll attendance/non-attendance at www.studyinfo.fi. Students must enroll for attendance (=attending) or non-attendance (=absent). Only those enrolled for attendance have the right to register for courses and pursue the studies. If you do NOT enrol for attendance or non-attendance by 4 December 2020, 3 pm you will lose the study place.

You may enroll for non-attendance only in the case of illness that prevent you from starting your studies, pregnancy/parenting leave, or military service. If you are going to enroll for non-attendance, you need to provide a document that proves one of these reasons for absence. The document must be delivered to JAMK Student Services by 4 December 2020, 3 pm. More information at the studyguide.

Note, in case you need to pay tuition fees (you are not an EU citizen and do not hold one of the exempting documents, such as a permanent residence in Finland), then you cannot enroll as a student before you have paid the tuition fee. Please check more information about the tuition fees below.

Supply application certificates

You have attached the copies of your certificates to the application during the application period. If you have graduated during autumn period, you need to attach final certificates to the application by the given deadline. 

The original degree and work certificates will be checked by the Student Services at the beginning of your studies. If you fail to show the original certificates your study place will be revoked.

If you are exempted from paying the tuition fees: Remember to show the original document that exempted you from paying the tuition fees. Be prepared to show your passport/ID-card when you are presenting the original documents.

Read more!

Tuition fees / exemption of tuition fees

Notice that 1st of January 2016 a new legislation concerning tuition fees came into effect in Finland. Therefore, higher education institutions are obliged to charge tuition fees for those students who are not citizens of countries of the European Union (EU) or the European Economic Area (EEA).The legislation concerns degree programmes taught in English. The tuition fees of JAMK for NON-EU/EEA citizens are €8,000/academic year for Bachelor's Degrees taught in English.

The following document exempts students of paying tuition fees:

  • a Finnish passport or a passport of any other EU/EEA country
  • Continuous residence permit card in Finland (type A permit)
  • Permanent residence permit card in Finland (type P permit)
  • EU residence permit for third-country citizens with long-term residence card in Finland (Type P-EU)
  • EU Blue Card in Finland
  • EU Family Member's Residence Card in Finland

Please, if you hold one of the documents send us a copy of it as soon as possible, you may send it via email studentservices(at)jamk.fi. We will check the original document in the beginning of studies. If you are in the process of receiving one of these cards, please inform us about that as well. You do not need to pay the tuition fees if you have one of these cards now or receive it by 1st August 2020. Notice, if you receive one of the documents at any point of your studies, please inform your Study Affairs Coordinator immediately, then you are exempted from paying the tuition fees starting from the following semester.

The scholarship scheme for bachelor's degrees:
In the first academic year, a scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee at JAMK, thus, in the first year the tuition fee in the bachelor’s degrees is 4000€ (2000€ per semester). At JAMK a scholarship can be given only to such students who are required to pay tuition fees. In the following academic years, the scholarship covers 50% of the tuition fee IF a student earns 60 credits per academic year (30 per semester) in the bachelor’s degrees. The credits are counted cumulatively, thus, a student must have 60 credits after the first year, 120 after the second and 180 after the third academic year OR at least 60 credits during the previous academic year. For example, a second year student will receive a scholarship if he has studied 80 credits during the first year and 40 credits during the second year (= 120 ECTS credits after the 2nd year).  

The scholarship can be received only for the standard study period and only for the semesters one has enrolled for attendance. Consequently, the fee must be paid for all semesters and academic years for which the student enrolls as attending student, including any extension period. Note, in a case a student has already paid the tuition fee for the entire academic year, but graduates by 31 December the fee is returned only if requested by the student.

More information at our website: www.jamk.fi/en/Education/tuition-fees/ and Study Guide.
Information about “Am I required to pay tuition fees” at studyinfo.fi

Get your JAMK username

Please, read the JAMK network usage rules and Vetuma instructions to receive a user code. If you don't have finnish bank codes you will get your username during the first study week.

NB! You are able to get your JAMK username and set a new password earliest after you have received an email stating that you may get your username from Vetuma service. Please, be patient and wait for the email.

Login Elmo and get familiar with tutors

You need the username for access to Elmo student intra. There is the new student site which includes important dates, times and places as well as greetings from tutors. Get familiar with your tutors in advance!

Do The Pre-Assignments

The pre-assignments are your first study-related assignments. The pre-assignments are connected to the Development as an Expert course and will give you a good overview of your studies. Use a computer to complete them. You will discuss the assignments with your teacher tutor at the beginning of your studies.

Pre-assignment, Part 1 Orientates you e.g. to your curriculum. Released in the beginning of December. Open
Pre-assignment, Part 2 Orientative Digipackage Open

JAMK Services and other information

Free applications for students


As a JAMK student you will get free O365-service on your own device during your studies. How - see the instructions in Helpdesk !


Tuudo is a mobile application that contains the most frequently used student services related to studies and everyday student life. For Android and Apple devices.

Duuni Keski-Suomi

Duuni Keski-Suomi is an easy-to-use online recruitment service for students and employers. How to get the service:

1. Upload Tiitus application to your mobile from Apple Store, Google Play or register to the service in www.duunikeskisuomi.fi.
2. Choose Duuni-Jamk as your "Region". After choosing, you'll be able to see open vacancies posted in the service.
3. Draw up your profile. NB! Choose your "Group/Degree" in Student Information.
4. Browse the open vacancies and apply.

Other useful tools

Take a look also at other student's versatile tools and see learner tools and net services from the web page of Digital learning skills.