Concepts Related to Learning and Competence

The pedagogical starting points and objectives of Master’s degrees are based on the pedagogical principles of JAMK.

The students complete the Master’s degree while working, usually within 2–3 years, depending on the scope of the degree programme (60 or 90 ECTS credits). The opportunities of web-based learning are comprehensively utilised in studies. Through the students’ work communities, working life and its needs for development are continuously present in studies, assignments, and in the sharing of expertise. The Master’s degree also provides new opportunities for international student mobility and the internationalisation of working life.

Assessment of Competence Development

The starting point for competence development is that the student possesses Bachelor’s level skills, which are the basis for Master’s studies. In the beginning of the studies, as part of preparing the Personal Learning Plan, the student will complete a competence analysis to assess the needs to develop his/her skills. Students may choose to apply for the accreditation and recognition of prior learning. During the studies, student evaluates their development of competences. At the graduation stage, the student’s own competence analysis will promote lifelong learning and and it is an important part of career development.

Assessment is instructive, related to the goals and criteria based. The assesment criteria are based on competences, competence areas and course descriptions. Self-assessment and peer review are important parts of the assesment.

Assessment Criteria

Qualification levels of the Master's Degrees

At JAMK University of Applied Sciences, competence assessment is based on the competence level descriptions of the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). The EQF determines the type and level of competence which those who have completed a degree at a European institute of higher education have. The aim of the Qualification Framework is to support lifelong learning and flexibility in higher education in the EU area.

The qualification level  (pdf, European Commission) of the Master’s Degree awarded by Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences is 7.

The Board of Examiners

The Board of Examiners (in compliance with Decree 932/2014, §19) handles appeals against assessment. The Academic Board of JAMK has appointed the following Board of Examiners:

  • Chairwoman: Sanna Sihvonen, School of Health and Social Studies
    • Deputy Chairman: Marjukka Nuutinen, School of Technology
  • Teacher member: Pekka Vanhanen, School of Business
    • Deputy member: Soili Partanen, School of Business
  • Teacher member: Jari Hautamäki, School of Technology
    • Deputy member: Leila Nisula, School of Health and Social Studies
  • Student member: Jani Tervo, Student Union JAMKO
    • Deputy member: Jarkko Patteri, Student Union JAMKO
  • Presenting Official: Katja Räsänen