Personal Learning Plan or PLP is each student’s personal plan for studying and learning in which the student determines his/her own intended learning outcomes, ways of pursuing the studies and schedules in proportion to the learning outcomes specified for the master's degree. You must draw up a personal learning plan (PLP) at the start of your studies. The plan is revised as necessary as your studies progress.

The PLP is individual, and the following will be discussed during their preparation:

  1. A brief description of the student’s educational and work history. It is useful to itemise such modes of learning which have been experienced as good and to present development challenges.
  2. A description of the student’s professional goals and needs for new competence. Here the student should evaluate how the education will contribute to the accomplishment of his/her individual goals.
  3. Self-assessment of present competence, proportioned to the competence objectives of the degree programme and the needs to develop competences.
  4. Scheduling and resourcing studies: how much time can the student invest on studies and how can he/she integrate studies with work.
  5. The topic of the thesis and the required competence (such as development methods).