The students shall observe JAMK’s master’s theses instructions and archiving regulations. You can find project reporting instructions (2014) in JAMK on the website of oppimateriaalit. Further information and thesis reporting template (word) can be found on the Elmo Student (login required).


An archiving copy of a completed and accepted thesis is submitted with an electronic form to JAMK’s electronic archive. Both public and confidential theses are saved in JAMK’s electronic archive.

Please, see detailed instructions (login required) on the Elmo student.


After the archiving, the student has to publish the thesis.

The theses are published in the PDF format. A written permission from the student is required for publishing the thesis online. The web publication permission may be given on the description page of the thesis. Please, see more information on the publication at the bottom of this web page.

A thesis written by a student at JAMK University of Applied Sciences is public. According to JAMK’s Degree Regulations (pdf), Section 17: "It is not possible to write a completely confidential thesis at JAMK University of Applied Sciences." Theses must be available for public assessment. Publicity guarantees the objective and equal assessment of theses.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences follows the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture, according to which theses must not incorporate confidential material and are in the public domain from the moment they are approved. It is not possible to write a completely confidential thesis at JAMK University of Applied Sciences. (Letter from the Ministry of Education and Culture to universities of applied sciences on 28 January 2004, Record no. 3/500/2004)

According to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, a thesis that is written at a university of applied sciences and leads to a degree is an official document, which is in the public domain unless specifically provided otherwise (Constitution of Finland, Section 12(2); Act on the Openness of Government Activities, Section 1).

Any confidential information included in a thesis must be placed in the background material as an appendix. In such cases, the appendix will be declared confidential, but the thesis itself will be public.

More information on the Elmo Student intranet (login required).

Publication Instructions

Converting to PDF Format

Convert your thesis to PDF format, if it will be published online. You can do it on every computer at JAMK (Microsoft Office) or by using the Remote Desktop (helpdesk.jamk.fi) servers for students.

Download the instructions (pdf)

Saving Electronic Thesis

After you have converted your thesis or development project report to PDF format, save it to Theseus by using the online form. The maximum file size is 75 MB. If your PDF file is larger than 75 MB, or your thesis include external appendix such as CD, please contact the library.

While saving, permission for web publication is given; no written permission is needed. You must authenticate yourself in order to access Theseus. Select your home organization from a list and log in with your personal network username and password.

Theseus online form

Instructions (Theseus.fi)

Figure 1. Instructions on how to publish the thesis