Maturity Test in Master's Degree

The student has to complete a maturity test, which is based on his/her master’s thesis, and which shows familiarity with the field and proficiency in Finnish or Swedish. According to a decree, JAMK University of Applied Sciences decides on the maturity test when it doesn't require language skills from the student which the law provides (Government Decree 1129/2014: 7 §, 1st paragraph).

In the assessment stage of their master’s thesis process, the student shall write a maturity test which is a media bulletin published at jamk.fi. The ideal length of the maturity test is one page: a maximum of 3,000 characters without spacing, line spacing 1 and font size 12. The purpose of the maturity test is to show that the students are able to provide different target groups with written information about the results and potential applications of their development work. A good bulletin answers the questions ‘who?’, ‘what?’, ‘where?’, ‘when?’, ‘how?’ and ‘why?’ and presents the conclusions of the project/research. Please remember that a media bulletin should be a source text for a news article, and not a summary or an article in itself.

At the beginning of the bulletin, the student describes the purpose and key results of the thesis to the reader, and indicates what kind of new information the thesis revealed and how the information can be applied. The student should also indicate the fields or situations in which the information acquired could be utilised. At the end of the bulletin, the student presents the conclusions that can be drawn on the basis of the thesis/research. Be sure to include your contact information at the end of the bulletin.

For more specific instructions on how to write the maturity test, please read the link below and visit Elmo student (login required). Write the maturity test in accordance with the official JAMK document template for maturity test which you can find in ELMO Student on the instruction page for master’s theses. The maturity test is assessed by your thesis tutor(s) in accordance with the assessment criteria provided in the maturity test instructions on a scale of pass/fail.

Deliver the maturity test in the degree programme- or field-specific work space reserved for maturity tests in the Optima web-based learning environment where your thesis tutor will also submit their evaluation. Master’s degree students of the School of Business submit their maturity test in the Optima ‘LIKE Opinnäytetyö – Thesis’ folder as they submit their thesis for evaluation. Once the maturity test is passed, it can be published in accordance with the practices of the programme.

The instructions for writing a maturity test (oppimateriaalit.jamk.fi)