Prevention of Plagiarism

The assessment process of the master’s thesis begins when the student sends the thesis together with the appendices to his/her thesis tutor through the Urkund System a minimum of four weeks before the meeting of the thesis work group. In practice, the student sends a message to the Urkund address (firstname.lastname.JAMK@analysis.urkund.com) of the thesis tutor, and attaches the thesis and its appendices to the message.

The Urkund System checks the text of the thesis against the material published in the Internet, books and other documents, to detect any similarities. The aim is to prevent plagiarism. Urkund takes about 24 hours to check the text, after which it sends the original thesis and a report on the findings to the thesis tutor. The student cannot access the report. It goes direct to the thesis tutor and, if necessary, the student can ask him/her about it. More information on how to use Urkund is available on the Elmo Student (login required).

Please, read also the ethical principles (pdf) for JAMK. We act according to them if we notice plagiarism.

Assessment Focuses

The student always writes a self-evaluation on the thesis, and the thesis is possibly evaluated by a fellow student (peer evaluation). The student ask an assignment from a company/organisation and it is evaluated by a representative of the company/organisation concerned. There are separate form templates for each of these assessments.

The thesis tutor and co-examiner evaluate the thesis on the basis of JAMK's general assessment criteria. They draw up one written statement based on their evaluations. At the end of the statement the evaluators make a joint grade proposal.

The assessment of the master’s thesis is based on both the process and the results. The assessment focuses on the following:

  • The introduction: choice of the topic and approach
  • The theoretical basis of the thesis
  • The implementation and results of the thesis
  • The discussion of the thesis
  • Reporting

Final Assessment

The Thesis Work Group prepares an assessment decision and finally grades the thesis based on the ratified assessment criteria and a statement given by thesis tutors founded on the assessment criteria. 

If the student is dissatisfied with the assessment, he/she has the right to appeal against the decision of the thesis work group in accordance with JAMK’s Degree Regulations. The first step in the process is to submit a request for assessment review to the thesis work group, which made the final decision on the grade. For further steps, see JAMK’s Degree Regulations (pdf).

The dates of the thesis work group meetings can be found on the Elmo Student (login required).