Research and Development Activity

The master-level education is implemented in close cooperation with working life. The Master’s thesis is an applied research or development project designed to serve the needs of working life. It is practically oriented and supports regional development. Typically, Master's theses are linked with research, development and innovation activities carried out at JAMK or by regional and international actors and they are based on the principles guiding JAMK’s RDI activities. The aim is to produce new skills, knowledge and innovations and to establish well-functioning and longer-term network partnerships.

Research and development refers to systematic efforts to gain new knowledge and using this knowledge to find new applications. Applied research aims for a practical application implemented on the basis of some new knowledge. Development refers to using new knowledge produced as a result of research and/or practical experience to achieve new products, services, production processes or techniques or to essentially improve existing ones. Innovation activities comprise all those measures that aim to produce new or improved products or processes, or innovations, and new entrepreneurship. Innovations may for example be technological, social or cultural, business or design innovations, product/service innovations or combinations of these.