This section of the Study Guide provides practical information relating to studying at JAMK. You can receive answers, for example, the following questions: How should I proceed with my thesis? How can I plan my studies? How can I receive study guidance?

Studying at JAMK

Master's Thesis

Thesis work starts in the early stages of the studies by choosing a topic. The student must write a report on their work, in accordance with the JAMK´s project reporting instructions. Once the thesis is complete, the student will archive and publish the work. Finally, the student will write a maturity test.


On this page, you can find forms that include such matters as the study entitlement, student financial aid, assessment, accreditation, summer studies, thesis, graduation and the arrangement of studies.

Planning Your Studies

You start to plan your studies drawing up Personal Learning Plan (PLP). At the same time you can apply for the accreditation of studies with previously acquired knowledge as part of a Master's degree.

Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

Personal Learning Plan or PLP is each student’s personal plan for studying and learning in which the student determines his/her own intended learning outcomes, ways of pursuing the studies and schedules in proportion to the learning outcomes specified for the master's degree.

Recognition and Accreditation of Prior Learning

Accreditation means the recognition and acceptance of learning corresponding to the goals set for studies. This learning has been acquired through other studies, practical training, work experience or hobbies.

ECTS and Student Workload

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is a European system for the transfer and accumulation of study credits and grades. The starting point for the ECTS is the student workload needed to achieve the learning outcomes of a degree programme. One ECTS credit is equivalent to about 27 hours of student work.

Study Guidance and Support

Each JAMK unit has a study counsellor with whom you can confidentially discuss any study-related issues that are bothering you. Read more on the website of the guidance.

Studying and Assessment

In the beginning of the studies, the student will complete a competence analysis to assess the needs to develop his/her skills. The assesment criteria are based on competences, competence areas and course descriptions.


The studies of the entrepreneurship are to choose to elective studies.

Research and Development Activity

Master's theses are linked with research, development and innovation activities carried out at JAMK or by regional and international actors.

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Internationalisation through studies

Internationality is reality regardless of the future profession or job description. That is why JAMK offers students many different possibilities to develop their international competence during studies! Read more about internationalisation through studies from here!