Health and Wellbeing

Wellbeing and Coping

A student's well-being comprises three areas: physical, psychological and social well-being. These areas of well-being are linked with each other and form an image of the student's overall well-being. Factors of physical well-being include sufficient rest, a balanced diet, and regular exercise. Psychological well-being involves factors such as balanced mental health and a person's ability to trust and respect him, or herself. Social well-being includes, among other things, a student's social network, the individual's social skills, and the well-being of the student community.

Changes in overall well-being might manifest themselves in problems with memory and concentration, for instance. If resources fade, it might be difficult to establish and maintain human relations. A weakening sense of well-being is also indicated by feelings of melancholy and anxiety, for instance. It is natural for the ability to cope to fluctuate throughout a person's studies. There are times during studies when the amount of work that a student does is great and pressure accumulates.

It is important for students to nurture their own total well-being while studying. For instance, social relations and exercise keep the mind alert and give strength. Sufficient rest and varied nutrition affect how memory works, which directly reflects on studies. Comprehensive well-being is seen in how you cope in your studies and in your life in general.

If problems with coping feel burdensome, you should not remain alone. In our university of applied sciences you can be in touch with the counselling personnel of your own field, with the JAMK study psychologist or the school pastor. In addition, student health services can help with problems related to mental health.

Student Wellness Group

The well-being of the students of Jyväskylä University of Applied Sciences is planned, implemented and evaluated by a Student Wellness Group. The Student Wellness Group is made up of the key actors of JAMKO's and JAMK's counselling and student health services. The Student Wellness Group meets four times during the academic year. The plan devised by the Student Wellness Group is examined yearly to target its operations in accordance with current needs.

Study Psychologist

The study psychologist guides and supports all the degree students of JAMK on learning, motivation and coping issues.

Students can contact the psychologist because of e.g. stress or stage fright in connection with studies, anxiety, depression or difficult situation in life that influence their studies. The aim of the confidential discussions is to find solutions to problems arising from studies, different life situations and relationships. In accordance with the needs, there can be from one to five meetings with the study psychologist. The service is free of charge for students.

The study psychologist is an authorised health care professional, whose competencies include questions related to learning, motivation and mental health. The service is a part of the guidance offered at JAMK. The study psychologist closely cooperates with the student health services of the City of Jyväskylä and refers students to other health care services, when necessary. The aim is to offer students a support network in which they find the individual services best supporting their studies.


Consultation is located at Music Campus (Pitkäkatu 18-22) room 121.

The study psychologist is best reached by e-mail, opintopsykologi(at)jamk.fi or by phone Thursdays from 9 to 10 am, +358 40 521 9415.

Walk-in hours (consultation without prior appointment) Mondays from 10 to 12 am on Pitkäkatu 18-22.

A psychiatric nurse works with the study psychologist's colleague. She offer for all the degree students of JAMK guidance in student's well-being. Students can contact the psychiatric nurse because of e.g. difficult situation in life or coping issues that influence their studies.
by email: opintopsykologi(at)jamk.fi or
by phone: +358 40 653 5670 on Fridays from 12 to 13 pm.

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School Pastor

The school pastor is there to support you with the challenges and pressures of your studies and everyday life. The school pastor is often contacted regarding relationship troubles, stress, anxiety, different life crises and grief, and life philosophy issues. All discussions are confidential and covered by the pastor’s secrecy obligation.

The school pastor is part of the team of professionals who take care of the well-being of students: study counsellors, career tutors, study psychologist and health care. The school pastor is a priest of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Jyväskylä, whose entire work input has been given to the use of the educational institution. However, the student can be a member of a different religious group or not a member of any religion – all students can contact the school pastor. It is part of the school pastor’s professional skills to accept each student just the way they are.


The school pastor’s office is at the main campus, Rajakatu 35, room DP47. Reception without appointment is open on Tuesdays at the main campus from 12 noon to 2 pm.

The best way to contact the school pastor is via e-mail: johanna.tikkanen(at)jamk.fi and by telephone on +358 50 521 5418.

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Intoxicant-related matters

You are not allowed to use intoxicants at JAMK campuses or be under the influence of intoxicants in learning situations. It is easier to manage everyday life situations and prepare for working life if you do not use alcohol or drugs. Non-use of intoxicants is also essential to professional growth.

JAMK has prepared guidelines for situations where a student is under the influence of intoxicants at its campuses or in learning situations or where it is suspected that the use of intoxicants has become or is becoming a problem for the student in question.

The intoxicant problem is tackled immediately and the responsibility for dealing with the problem lies with all members of the JAMK community. Tackling the problem early on helps to create a safe learning environment, prevents health damage and exclusion and makes studying easier and the interruption or dragging on of studies less likely. Tackling the problem is a matter of caring, not a question of moralising or condemning the behaviour of the person concerned. The discussions about the matter are conducted in a confidential manner without violating the privacy of the student in question.

JAMK may obligate a student to provide a drug test certificate if there are reasonable grounds to suspect that the student is under the influence of drugs or that the student has a drug addiction. (Polytechnics Act 352/2003 25 d §)

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Degree Regulation § 39

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