Student Union and Student Benefits

Student Union JAMKO

The student union JAMKO of JAMK University of Applied Sciences serves as the statutory supervisor of the interests of all JAMK’s students. JAMKO provides help, guidance and peer support during studies. In addition to its statutory duties, JAMKO also organises leisure time activities for all students. Students get a wide variety of student benefits and discounts by joining JAMKO.

JAMKO supervises the interests of students by selecting student members to JAMK organs, by influencing decision-making at municipal level, by issuing opinions and by providing students with information about topical matters. JAMKO is also responsible for organising JAMK’s tutoring and mentoring activities in the beginning and during studies.

The representatives are the highest decision-making body in JAMKO. Each year the representatives select a board for managing JAMKO’s day-to-day affairs. All board members are students. JAMKO also has hired staff supporting the elected officials.

JAMKO’s office is located at the end of F-wing (FP23) at main campus (Rajakatu 35).

Student benefits with a student card

JAMKO’s membership is an extensive services and benefits package for students, which offers national and local benefits, versatile recreational opportunities, internationally flavored events and trips, café and office services. By showing your JAMKO student card, you get the KELA-provided meal support in all student restaurants, and it also acts as a library card at JAMK UAS’s libraries after activating it at the library. Student benefits can only be obtained with a student card which has a valid semester or academic year sticker attached. Keep your card at hand and remember to ask about the possible discounts.

Membership benefits can be found: www.jamko.fi/en/membership-benefits/

Joining JAMKO and membership fee

By joining JAMKO, students will get the official student card and with its students can prove that they are UAS students and entitled to the student benefits and discounts. Attending, full-time degree students and exchange students are entitled to the blue student card.  The student card is ordered when you join the student union for the first time via JAMKO’s website.

Membership is valid for one academic year (30€) or one semester (17€). When the student joins JAMKO for the first time, the cards manufacturing costs (5€) are added to the membership fee. Student will receive a message to their school email when the card is ready to pick up from member service. Membership expires after a certain time, depending on whether you have become a member for a semester or for an academic year. To ensure that your membership remains valid, you will have to get a new semester sticker by renewing your membership via JAMKO’s website. You can pay the membership fee online or at JAMKO’s membership service points.

Check more information from www.jamko.fi/en/membership/

JAMKO's Services for Student

The Student Union of JAMK University of Applied Sciences JAMKO provides a broad range of leisure activities. Events range from outdoor sports events to relaxed evening get-togethers and large student parties. Many of the events have an international twist. JAMKO organizes also trips to e.g. Lapland every semester. The student union also has JAMKO café at Main Campus, where every coffee cup is an investment to the students' wee-being. At JAMKO's office and membership service points you can handle matters regarding membership and student cards, buy tickets to parties and acquire Academic Sports sticker after online payment. You can also get your final thesis bound via JAMKO and get the Survival Kit, which is designed to assist the daily life of exchange students of the JAMK UAS during their first couple of days in Finland.

JAMKO members can break a sweat at the the Student Union’s gym for free. JAMKO also organizes sporty and active events and negotiates benefits from sports services. JAMKO’s partner Academic Sports offers a broader selection of sports, group fitness classes and ball game shifts.

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Further information

Contact JAMKO’s board

Mr. Hannu Järvistö, executive director
+358 44 321 1600

Guidance, tutoring, well-being
Ms. Tiia Kolu, advisor
+358 50 516 6916

Member services, membership and student cards, thesis binding
Ms. Paula Sulkunen, advisor
+358 50 336 1385

Communications and trusteeship
Ms. Anna Tarvainen-Illi, advisor
+358 45 207 8110