Admission Requirements

Selection criteria spring 2019

Work experience

The minimum requirement regarding work experience is at least three years (36 months) of relevant work experience gained after the bachelor's or other equivalent degree (check the specific degree requirements above).

JAMK accepts work experience also after a vocational college diploma or a higher vocational diploma (in Finnish: opistoasteen tutkinto, ammatillisen korkea-asteen tutkinto) before completing a bachelor's degree. If an applicant has completed one of these diplomas before graduating from the bachelor's degree, the work experience is accepted also after the prior degree. Even in this case the minimum requirement of work experience from the field is 3 years (36 months).

The work experience must be from the field of the degree (used for applying) or from field that the applicant is currently applying. An applicant can count in work experience until 31 July 2019. The work certificates must include a title (and preferably also a job description), working period and it must be signed (and if possible stamped) by the employee.

In the application form it is necessary to fill in the work experience as whole months. Part-time work can be transferred into whole months, in a way that, 150 hours or 20 full workdays (at least 7 hours per day) corresponds to one month. Service in an army, non-military service or nursing leave is not considered as work experience. If an applicant has worked as an entrepreneur it is necessary to provide for the Admissions Services a document which proves this fact. For example, a Finnish entrepreneur need to have a document that proves one has YEL- or MYEL-insurance.

The original certificates will be checked at the Student Services in the beginning of studies. The selection is not final until they have been checked. If the applicant has given false information about ones qualifications, it may make one ineligible for admission.



Entrance examination for International Business Management & Sport Business Management

The entrance examinations are arranged in Jyväskylä, Finland 5 April 2019. If you apply for both master's degree programmes, you may complete both of the exams during the same day. The entrance exams include an interview and a written exam. The pre-reading materials will be published closer to the application period. The total points from entrance examinations are 100 points.

The applicant must score at least 20 points /100p. in the entrance examination in order to pass the exam and have a chance to be admitted for the programmes. In both master's degree programmes the student selection is based on the total score of the entrance examination. Applicant’s English language skills will be assessed as a part of the entrance examination, thus, the entrance examination does not include a separate English language test.

Entrance examinations outside Finland 

Note! This section will be updated by January 2019!

The exams will be held in March 2018 in the countries mentioned below. The more detailed information on places and dates will be sent to the applicants in the invitation letter (email). Applicants will be invited to participate to an exam in Finland and possibly in another country based their choice in the application. 

JAMK is arranging entrance examinations as a part of FINNIPS -network in the following countries at spring 2018:  

  • Brazil: São Paulo
  • China: Wuhan
  • Germany: Worms (about 80 km from Frankfurt)
  • Great Britain: London
  • Hungary: Budapest
  • India: Delhi
  • Kazakhstan: Astana
  • Kenya: Nairobi
  • Nepal: Kathmandu
  • Russia: Moscow and St. Petersburg
  • USA: Chicago
  • Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City

While filling the online application form you can choose the country in which you would like to complete the entrance examination. Thus, in the application form there is a question "in which country do you want to complete the entrance examination(s) organised by the FINNIPS network?"

Notice that based on your answer (you can choose only one option) you receive an invitation letter to this particular COUNTRY. You can change your exam country selection by 7 Feb 2018 by sending an email to your first-choice UAS Admission Services. After this date, the requests to change the country are not taken into consideration.

If you are planning to come to Finland to participate for the exams, you should check whether you need a visa to enter Finland. In addition, whether visas are granted to Finland solely for entrance exam purposes from the country of your current residence.