Project Reporting Instructions

Project reporting instructions in JAMK (oppimateriaalit.jamk.fi) guides you to write exercises and gives you many useful tips.

The thesis report is written in accordance with JAMK's project reporting instructions. A unit (school)/degree programme may have additional instructions concerning the bachelor’s thesis. These instructions provide additional guidelines regarding e.g. choice of the topic, theses as assignments from companies/organisations, appearance and copying. These instructions and thesis reporting template (word) can be found on the Elmo Student (login required).


A thesis written by a student at JAMK University of Applied Sciences is public. According to JAMK’s Degree Regulations (pdf), Section 20: "It is not possible to write a completely confidential thesis at JAMK University of Applied Sciences." Theses must be available for public assessment. Publicity guarantees the objective and equal assessment of theses.

JAMK University of Applied Sciences follows the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Culture, according to which theses must not incorporate confidential material and are in the public domain from the moment they are approved. (Letter from the Ministry of Education and Culture to universities of applied sciences on 28 January 2004, Record no. 3/500/2004)

According to the Act on the Openness of Government Activities, a thesis that is written at a university of applied sciences and leads to a degree is an official document, which is in the public domain unless specifically provided otherwise (Constitution of Finland, Section 12(2); Act on the Openness of Government Activities, Section 1).

Any confidential information included in a thesis must be placed in the background material as an appendix. In such cases, the appendix will be declared confidential, but the thesis itself will be public.

More information on the Elmo Student intranet (login required).

Prevention of Plagiarism

JAMK University of Applied Sciences used the Urkund system to prevent plagiarism. The system will analyse the student's thesis, compare it to online material, books and other documents submitted to the system and look for similarities to avoid plagiarism.

The student sends the finished thesis together with the appendices to his/her thesis tutor through the Urkund System a minimum of four weeks before the meeting of the thesis work group. In practice, the student sends a message to the Urkund address (firstname.lastname.JAMK@analysis.urkund.com) of the thesis tutor, and attaches the thesis and its appendices to the message. The student sends the thesis to the Urkund address only once; when the work is finished.

Urkund takes about 24 hours to check the text, after which it sends the original thesis and a report on the findings to the thesis tutor. The student cannot access the report. It goes direct to the thesis tutor and, if necessary, the student can ask him/her about it. More information on how to use Urkund is available on the Elmo Student (login required).

Please also read the ethical principles (pdf) for JAMK that will be applied when plagiarism is detected.