Thesis Topic Proposal

The electronic form is available in the student's electronic service widget in the ELMO dashboard (login required), under Forms, 2 During studies.

The Stages of the Thesis

The thesis progresses in a process illustrated in the following chart (login required). Information on thesis guidance is available on the Elmo student (login required).

Choice and Handling of the Topic

Thesis work starts the choice of the topic. The topic should be chosen within the subject area on which the student has focused his/her studies. The choice is made in cooperation with your career tutor / programme coordinator / the head of the degree programme / principal lecturer.

The topic should

  • support and promote the development of the field concerned
  • support the student’s career plan and study plan
  • support JAMK's general goals

The framework of the problems to be solved in the bachelor’s thesis should arise from JAMK’s operating environment and development needs in it, i.e. business and industry and the public sector, and the social and cultural environment. The student should also take his/her own employment possibilities and career prospects into consideration. The topic may be multi-professional and multi-disciplinary. The student submits the topic on a special proposal form to the relevant principal lecturer or thesis supervisor of his/her degree programme.

The student should first gather and analyse background information available on his/her topic. The topic should be handled by using up-to-date methods that suit the student's field of education. The student should be able to adopt a critically reflective approach to the topic.

If you have previously written a thesis that is related to the same field and that has been approved at an institute of higher education, please contact the Programme Coordinator or the Head of Department. Read the principles for accrediting theses (pdf).

Thesis plan

Please, see instruction on how to prepare a thesis plan.


Most theses are commissioned by a company or work organisation. In these cases, the assignment is documented using the Thesis Agreement form. Possible confidentiality issues concerning the bachelor’s thesis process are documented in a Confidentiality Agreement. Please, read more about the confidential thesis on the website of Reporting, Publicity and Prevention of Plagiarism. The agreement forms can be found in the thesis forms.


There are many ways to implement a bachelor’s thesis. The thesis can be e.g.

  • practical development project
  • product or production
  • work of art
  • study

A thesis may be implemented as a pair or group work, especially if the thesis is multi-professional or multidisciplinary by nature. The bachelor’s thesis is always reported in a written format.

The thesis report is written in accordance with JAMK's project reporting instructions (oppimateriaalit.jamk.fi).