The student has to complete a maturity test, which is based on his/her bachelor’s thesis, and which shows familiarity with the field and proficiency in Finnish or Swedish. The student will write his/her maturity test in Finnish (Swedish) regardless of the language in which the student wrote his/her thesis or which has been his/her language of studies at JAMK.

If the student completed his/her school education (comprehensive school or upper secondary school) abroad or in language other than Finnish (Swedish), he/she can either take the maturity test in Finnish (Swedish) in accordance with the Degree Regulations or demonstrates his/her familiarity with the field through an assignment written in the language of instruction of the degree programme in question (Degree Regulations, Section 19, pdf).

JAMK Practices

The student can complete the written maturity test after his/her bachelor’s thesis has been submitted for assessment. The test is based on the student’s bachelor’s thesis. The maturity test is assessed by the thesis supervisor and the lecturer of communication skills using the grade scale pass/fail. The completion of the maturity test is stated in the degree certificate.

The maturity test is taken by a computer at a separate occasions under supervision or other person has been defined by your degree programme. The maximum length of the exam is 2 hours 15 minutes. No supplementary material is allowed.

 Please, read the instructions for writing a maturity test (oppimateriaalit.jamk.fi).


Registration for the Maturity Test

Please, check the registration practices of your own school on the Elmo student (login required).


The grading scale is either a pass or a fail. The assessment criteria are as follows:


  • comprehensibility
  • presentation of key results and usefulness to the field
  • competent treatment


  • independence of the text (the content can be understood without reading the thesis)
  • consistent treatment
  • good academic style and reporting approach
  • correctness of the language and spelling.