Bachelor's Thesis

The thesis as courses

The thesis process is divided into the following courses:

Bachelor's Thesis, Part 1 (5 cr), Bachelor's Thesis, Part 2 (10 cr) and Maturity Test.

Make a preliminary plan in your Personal Learning Plan regarding your thesis progress, including the completion of the maturity test. Enrol for the thesis courses in advance during each semester’s enrolment period.


The number of credits assigned to the bachelor's thesis is 15 (400 hrs). As a rule, the thesis is done towards the end of the studies. The curricula of JAMK’s degree programmes contain courses that are designed to support and prepare the students for the bachelor’s thesis. The degree programmes provide support and guidance in choosing an approach and method that suit best the topic that the student has chosen for his/her thesis. Read more about thesis guidance on the Elmo Student (login required).

What will I learn during the thesis process?

When the students are writing a thesis, they will develop and prove their ability to apply their knowledge and skills to research and development work related to professional studies and arising from the needs of working life.

The ability to write a thesis starts to develop from the outset of the studies. Data acquisition and processing abilities, skills to work independently and as a member of various groups, and the practical and theoretical mastery of students' own professional skills all improve as the studies progress. In the thesis, the student can make use of and deepen all these skills.

The students will learn to create an information base founded on sources and to report the results in accordance with the JAMK's instructions. They will learn to assess the results and present suggestions for further development. They will also be able to assume responsibility for the group’s learning and to share the matters learned.

How will I write my thesis?

The bachelor's thesis can be a practical expertise or development task, or applied research related to the student’s field of study. Also theses implemented by students representing different fields of education are encouraged because they provide a possibility to produce multi-professional solutions. Ideally, bachelor’s theses produce practical solutions to real-life problems. Therefore it is recommended that the bachelor’s thesis is integrated with practical training.

At its best, the bachelor’s thesis a way to promote business and industry and the various sectors of society, and therefore it should preferably be implemented as a cooperation project with a company or organisation. The bachelor’s thesis can also be implemented as a pair or group work by students representing one or several fields of education.

Library Services

  • Thesis Sauna (one-to-one guidance in database search problems)
  • Information Seeking Guidance
  • Learn to Find

All library services above are found on the web page: http://www.jamk.fi/en/Services/library/find-ask-learn/.