Working Life Orientation - On the Way to Working Life

Your studies at the university of applied sciences are diverse and include interaction with working life. Your professional competence will be enhanced by practical work-related tasks. Your working life knowledge and network will be constructed during your studies:

 Services in JAMK for students and graduates Contact or services
Career guidance, Development as an Expert course, final discussion (PLP discussion) Career tutors as contact persons
Practical training

Practical training coordinators as contact persons

Elmo Student intranet (login required)

Jobiili - for students in the field of social services and health care

Learning projects in working life projects, courses, project supervisors
Theses Thesis supervisors

– JAMK alumni visits to units
– working life representative visits to units
– student visits to workplaces

Practical training coordinators as contact persons
Alumni Career tutors, Practical training coordinators

JAMKO Alumni

Entrepreneurship as an opportunity Entrepreneurship studies at JAMK


You can obtain useful information on companies in your field of study from your teachers and practical training coordinators, other students,  and recruitment portals. The Elmo Student (login required) also provides information on typical practical training places in each field.

Jobiili Service for Students of Social and Health Services

Jobiili is a placement service for practical training in the social and health sector at universities of applied sciences. Jobiili serves the needs of working life, the students and teachers. An organisation in the social and health sector announces a placement in the Jobiili service, a student reserves a practical training placement that matches their expertise, and a teacher confirms the reservation. Each university of applied sciences has a Jobiili administrator who supports all users in the area. Tiina Blek (firstname.lastname@jamk.fi) is the administrator at JAMK University Of Applied Sciences.