Completing a Course

It is important to participate in the first contact lesson of a course because the teacher presents the objectives, contents, modes of study, resit examination options and assessment criteria of the course. A potential exam date is also agreed on (course exam), and the end date of the course is specified. After the end date, course assignments can no longer be returned. In the online courses, students and the course teacher are agreed on the matters above as instructed by the teacher.

The opportunities to retake courses and examinations must be used with the method that has been introduced in the first contact class of the course. For a justified reason, such as illness or other difficult life situation, the student may agree with the course teacher to complete the course in a different schedule. However, all courses must be completed within two semesters from starting them.

The Thesis, practical training and extensive multi-term courses are exceptions to this rule. If a course is not completed within the time limits, a student has to start the course over from the beginning. (see Degree Regulations, pdf)

No credits are awarded for the completion of courses with identical contents.