This section of the Study Guide provides practical information relating to studying at JAMK. These subjects are, for example, accreditation, personal learning plan, practical training, registration, assessment and thesis.

Studying at JAMK

Planning Your Studies

You plan your studies based on your degree structure and the educational goals set for you. You use the PLP tool as a planning aid. You can also apply for accreditation based on your previously completed studies and competence.

Personal Learning and Career Plan

All the students create a personal learning plan (PLP) and a career plan at the beginning of their studies. These ones help students to organise and evaluate the progress of their studies, clarify their interests, orientate their studies, and set objectives and schedules. The students update their PLPs and career plans once every academic year, if necessary, more often.


Accreditation means the recognition and acceptance of learning corresponding to the goals set for studies. This learning has been acquired through other studies, practical training, work experience or hobbies.


On this page, you can find forms that include such matters as the study entitlement, student financial aid, assessment, accreditation, summer studies, thesis, graduation and the arrangement of studies.

Registration Procedures and Study Entitlement

You must enrol for attendance or non-attendance for each semester. Be sure to enrol for all courses you are planning to take. If your study entitlement period ends, you can apply for a discretionary extension for completing your studies.

Practical Training

What is practical training? When can I do my practical training? How do I find a place to complete my practical training? Here you can find the answers to these questions and many other ones.

Bachelor’s Thesis

Thesis work starts from choosing a topic. The student must write a report on their work, in accordance with the JAMK´s project reporting instructions. Once the thesis is complete, the student will archive and publish the work. Finally, the student will write a maturity test.

Working Life Orientation

Students have various opportunities to explore their future working life. Read more about these opportunities.

Entrepreneurship Studies

During their studies, students can advance their entrepreneurship skills and test their business ideas. An entrepreneurial person thinks and acts creatively, boldly and innovatively.


Learning outcomes are assessed in relation to the competence objectives of the course. Assessment is based on the criteria presented in course descriptions. Courses are assessed on a scale defined by the course description. The scale can be, depending on the purpose, either a five-step scale (1-5).

Study Guidance and Support

At JAMK, you can receive help for any challenges related to your studies or life situation from several guiding parties. Contact different parties for different challenges. See the guidance page for more detailed information.

Degree Regulations, Pedagogical and Ethical Principles

See the degree regulations for information about JAMK’s procedures regarding matters such as study entitlement, study completion and accreditation. You can also find out how you can appeal against a decision made by JAMK. The pedagogical and ethical principles guide the quality of your studies as well.

ECTS and Student Workload

ECTS (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System) is a European system for the transfer and accumulation of study credits and grades. The starting point for the ECTS is the student workload needed to achieve the learning outcomes of a degree programme. One ECTS credit is equivalent to about 27 hours of student work.

Completing a Course

You can study in a variety of ways at JAMK. A course may include an examination. You can complete online part of the courses. During the practical training and thesis, for example, you can develop your entrepreneurship and international competences. You can also complete your studies through Open Studies at JAMK.

Graduation and after the Bachelor's Degree

Once you have completed the studies required for your degree, apply for a degree certificate. Plan what you want to do after graduation well in advance. You can find tips on this page. See what additional studies are available to you after graduation.

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Internationalisation through studies

Internationality is reality regardless of the future profession or job description. That is why JAMK offers students many different possibilities to develop their international competence during studies! Read more about internationalisation through studies from here!

Practical Information for International Degree Students

A foreign degree student entering Finland and JAMK University of Applied Sciences from outside the EU must have a residence permit and private health insurance. For residence, the student must have €560 of expendable cash for each month of his/her study period, amounting to €6,720 per year. The student must also pay a tuition fee.