Learning Environments

Physical learning environments

To support your studies, there are facilities for both self-study and group work on every campus. Adaptability and educational technology have been the focal points of our latest learning spaces. This way, the spaces can be used to accommodate various different learning methods and situations. Each campus has a wireless network at your disposal, so studying with your own equipment is possible everywhere.

Close-contact teaching is usually given in classrooms, auditoriums, computer class rooms, or in laboratories and other special facilities where you can put the skills you have learned into practice. Campus libraries and their printed and online materials, as well as lobby and restaurant facilities can be utilised for self-study.

An example of a transforming classroom

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Learning spaces

Learning Spaces and Lounges

You can work in classrooms and computer rooms when there are no lessons. You must leave the room if a lesson starts. Doors to these rooms are usually open. In addition, you can check the reservation status of a learning room using the QR code by the door.

On the campuses, you will also have access to lounge spaces intended for students. They can be used without a reservation. In the lounges, you can do group work, study independently or just relax.

Virtual learning environments

At JAMK, you can take studies in all fields virtually, online. The majority of the courses are taken partially online, but there are also courses and degree programmes taken fully online. Get to know the Learner´s tools document (pdf) that describes the information systems offered by JAMK and how to use them.


Optima is a closed web-based learning environment used at JAMK. An Optima workspace can only be used by JAMK students who have been granted access to it. There is an Optima workspace for nearly every course. The content and tools in the workspace vary by course: on some courses, the workspace is only used as a material bank and a means of returning assignments, whereas other courses use a wide variety of interactive tools in the workspace. Material uploaded to Optima cannot be accessed by those outside the workspace. When you finish your studies at JAMK, your network access will expire and all content you have produced in Optima will be removed automatically. Instructions for using Optima.

Office 365

In Office 365, you can produce, share and save information as well as work in teams and have conversations. You can utilise the O365 tools, for example, in co-writing, process-like production and the making of presentations. The result can be saved in the O365 cloud. You can create files with network-based word processing, spreadsheet computation and presentation softwares (Word Online, Excel Online and PowerPoint Online) of the Office 365 service and with the OneNote Online application included in the Office365 package. The files that you create can be shared with others and you can assign rights to either view or edit the file. When sharing a file in the online applications, you can utilise the JAMK user directory. There you can find both students and staff based on their last name. Instructions for O365 group working (only in Finnish).

Funet Zoom

Funet Zoom is a web conferencing system used for online lectures and guidance sessions carried out at agreed times. Sound, video and text can be used in the meeting room. Each Funet Zoom meeting room has its own address, which is given to the participants. The meeting room is only visible to the participants, although the session may be recorded. Instructions for using Funet Zoom will be published in the autumn 2018. Please, get to know how Funet Zoom is implemented.

Elmo workspaces

Elmo workspaces are closed group work spaces that can be used to support studies. An Elmo workspace can be accessed by the invited members. Also the students can order an Elmo workspace. Orders and manuals for Elmo.


Kyvyt.fi is a portfolio service available to all JAMK students. The service is used to create study-related CVs and portfolios, but you can also use it independently for job-seeking, competence development, etc. Although Kyvyt.fi is a closed service, it can be used to publish portfolio pages online either openly or by sharing the link. During your studies, you can access the service using the briefcase icon at the top of the Optima main page. After finishing your studies at JAMK, you can still use the service by logging in at the kyvyt.fi address. Instructions for using the Kyvyt.fi service.

Open course materials

Open course materials (only in Finnish) are JAMK’s public websites. The websites include study-related materials and instructions. They can be accessed by anyone. While the learning materials are used for studying in, for example, the Optima workspace, anyone can use them to learn more about the subject.

Blogs and online magazines

If your studies involve blogging – for example, during exchange studies – you can use JAMK blog service. The blogs are public websites that can be accessed by anyone. You can also produce public online magazines (only in Finnish) as part of your studies. They can also be accessed by anyone.

In addition to these virtual learning environments offered by JAMK, you may also encounter other environments during your studies, such as learning environments maintained by other educational institutions or social media services.


MOOCs as part of PLP plans for students

You can choose MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) courses for your study path. You can allocate them to your PLP, for example, as elective studies. First discuss the selection of suitable MOOC courses with the study counsellor.

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