Students select and complete 10-15 ECTS credits of elective studies.

Elective studies provide students an individual opportunity to extend and advance their professional competence and personal development. Elective studies can be selected from

  • the elective courses of one's own unit / degree programme
  • the offering of other degree programmes
  • the offering of the interdisciplinary elective courses of JAMK
  • other universities of applied sciences, universities or other higher education institutions.

The elective studies must consist of at least bachelor’s level courses. The career tutor can recommend courses which are closely related to the professional field. Students must have their elective courses and the respective credits accepted by the head of programme in advance, if these courses are not selected from the elective studies of JAMK, after which they can be included in personal learning plan (PLP).

Elective Interdisciplinary Courses

JAMK has made a joint decision on the courses included in the elective interdisciplinary studies.

The course schedule indicates the period in which the courses are implemented: Elective interdisciplinary courses in the course schedule

The interdisciplinary courses include courses from different subjects:

Organising Elective Interdisciplinary Courses

Some elective courses are implemented online. In addition, some elective courses are offered in the summer. Please, see summer studies here.